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Various types of IVC Filter complicates – Things you need to know

IVC (Inferior Vena Cava) filter is a cage-like and small device. Doctors implant it in the IVC vein of people who witness blood clots but are unable to make use of blood thinners. These medical devices are designed in a way so that it effectively pauses the clot before it makes way to the lungs and the heart of the patient.

However, in recent times, the IVC filters have come into the news because of its malfunctions and other issues. There have been many adverse events reports that FDA received about this metal device. The reports talk of several patient injuries as well as deaths caused due to IVC filter complications inside the patient's body. There are reports that there are manufacturers who were aware of all these complications, but still went ahead and sold the filters. The chronic IVC filter complications include the following:

  1. Death
  2. Filter fracture
  3. IVC perforation
  4. Heart blockage
  5. Damage to heart, lungs and another vital language

Today, it's important to take note of the ones who have suffered owing to such filter complications. Taking actions against negligent manufacturers is necessary. There are legal services that enable patients and individuals who have suffered such complications to file a lawsuit. 

The complication types

The recent studies indicate that the IVC filters can cause various complications. And most of these complications take place when a certain device part breaks off and gets dislodged from the initial location. The patients who have experienced complications frequently witness short breath and chest pain. The other symptoms might vary from various pains, aches and affect the ordinary course of life. The complications today can be cast into three categories according to the U.S Library of Medicine. They are:

  1. Issues that take place during IVC filter retrieval
  2. Delayed complications
  3. Procedural complications

One of the chronic complications happens when the IVC filters get removed, and the patient's PE subsides! Today, the filter retrievals are promoted as a temporary solution to the pulmonary embolism. Doctors do it as an effort to avert any long-term issues occurring because of permanent filters. The researchers also discovered that there are situations when the full or a particular part of the IVC Filter can't get removed.

Filing a lawsuit

In the recent past, there have been numerous lawsuits and settlements, concerning vena cava filter complications. Not many of these legal cases divulge information publicly. Such lawsuits are an integral part of multi-district litigation that arranges complicated cases with other relatable elements together. It helps to streamline the legal process. Individuals, who have undergone critical experiences such as migration or fracture, always possess the right to file for IVC filter lawsuits. They can do it keeping in mind both medical assistance and compensation with the continuing health expenses incurred.

Furthermore, the families of the deceased patients can also ask for help through the lawsuits and legal cases. There are legal rules that work in favor of people and their families who've suffered immensely due to IVC filter complications. There are dedicated lawyers and law firms who can help you proceed with such a lawsuit.

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