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7 Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

It is said that some divorces are quick and easy. However, that can never be said for a divorce including children. As a matter of fact, in such cases there is usually quite a number of red flags indicating you should hire a child custody lawyer. With that in mind, here are the most common alarming signs telling you it’s high time you hired a professional.

You suspect danger

By all means, if you have even the slightest fear or feeling of anxiety when it comes to your children spending time with your ex partner, you must immediately take some action. Perhaps what you already know cannot be used as evidence or is difficult to prove in court, so even when you believe there are all the good reasons to qualify your ex as an incompetent parent, he/she will not be recognized as such in court.

Costly case

Sometimes, you are fully aware that a case is going to cost you an arm and a leg. If you believe your divorce is going to take some time, then you should definitely hire a child custody lawyer in order to minimize the costs. In the long run, the lawyer’s fee is going to pay off because you will save a lot of time and avoid paying huge court expenses. What is more, some offices offer free child custody consultations, which can prove to be a real eye-opener.

Relocating issues

When one of the soon-to-be ex spouses has decided to move to another city or the state, this calls for a lot of discussion. In a nutshell, you could be looking at a pretty complicated and emotional process, especially if you have never encountered such a situation before. Therefore, some professional support is highly recommendable, as an experienced lawyer can come up with solutions you haven’t thought of.

Court order

Should you be obliged to take any courses in anger management or parenting, this is a clear sign that your case could be going downhill. Apparently, you are not seen as a trustworthy parent any more, which can result in losing the custody over your children. A good custody lawyer would be able to convince the system you are reliable enough.

Prevention of visits

One of the first signs that should tell you something is very wrong with the whole situation and that you are in for a fierce battle is the moment when you notice your ex avoids delivering the kids to you on time, or talking bad about you in their presence. Be careful not to push these aside as minor inconveniences, as this will only encourage the partner to affect the children even more. This is an extremely sensitive period for them, and they are more susceptible to different influences than you realize. Do not wait for the straightforward prohibition to see your children, but take immediate steps to confront similar acts at the very beginning.

He/She’s got one

Your chances of achieving success in a custody battle are less than slim if your ex partner has hired a child custody lawyer, and you haven’t. A child custody lawyer is an expert in their field, so it is difficult to find arguments against an experienced professional. Unless you hire one, too, you could be looking at a battle that is lost in advance. Unfortunately, it is that simple.

There’s a new person

What is bound to complicate your fight for child custody is the presence of a new partner. Whether you have met a significant other, or your ex has found someone, is of little relevance for this decision about hiring the lawyer. Another person in the custody battle only adds to the complexity of the case. Also, ask yourself how much time would you like your children to spend with your husband’s/wife’s new partner? If you wish to set any limits, now is the time.

These would be the most common occasions when a child custody lawyer is badly needed. On that account, pay special notice to the first signs of any of the above mentioned problems, and react promptly. You’ll soon realize hiring a child custody lawyer was the best decision you could have made.

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