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Types of Construction Accidents and Their Average Settlements in Court

Types of Construction Accidents and Their Average Settlements in Court

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Putting project timelines and budgets ahead of expert safety is a major cause of construction site disasters. If you or a family member has been seriously hurt on the job, you may be wondering how much construction accident settlements pay.

The value of a claim varies depending on the circumstances. The greater the harm, the more severe the consequences are. The higher the case value, the greater the compensation will be. Depending on your injuries and health condition, you may be eligible for various lawsuits.

Accidents in the Construction Industry

Those injured at work are eligible for compensation, but this may just be the beginning. The following are forms of construction accidents:

1.   Faulty Hardware and Equipment

Construction materials, trucks, and gear with defects often result in injuries. The responsible parties might be sued for damages.

2.   Road Construction Zone Accidents

There are varying factors for accidents happening at road construction sites like scaffolding. Slips, trips, falls, contact with equipment, and exhaustion are the main causes of road construction accidents. Under OSHA’s provisions, they are all preventable. Workers injured on the job should discuss their case with an attorney to understand their legal rights and options, as they can bring legal action against one or more liable parties.

3.   Dangerous Workplace Conditions

There are federal rules in place to safeguard construction workers. However, those who violate them may face repercussions. Among the most common unsafe working conditions are dangerous environments that can lead to illnesses (asbestos present at the construction site), poorly maintained or unsafe working equipment, blocked safety exits or lack of proper exits, unsanitary conditions, etc.

4.   Crane Or Hoist-Related Accidents

Cranes and hoists are essential building equipment. However, a lack of training, operator mistakes, and other reasons may lead to major tragedies on a  construction site.

Average Settlements for a Construction Accident Lawsuit

The compensation amount is difficult to quantify since each occurrence is unique.

Due to the disparity in accident types, injury severity, and needed treatment, a settlement estimate would be incorrect. Regardless of the previously recorded "typical settlements," every incident must be treated individually to determine its specific value. Therefore, your legal advisor cannot calculate the value of your case without first conducting an investigation.

However, to clarify some things, the economic damages are the easiest to calculate. Your legal team will simply add the incurred costs because of the accident (medical bills, therapy, medical devices, travels, etc.). The non-economic damages are harder to estimate but rest assured that lawyers and insurers have standardized formulas to reach an amount they can further negotiate until you get the settlement you deserve.

Some construction mishaps result in small settlements, while others result in multimillions. There are several guidelines for how much pay a victim in a construction accident may get. They include:

  • What occurred during the event?
  • The gravity and imminence of any wounds
  • The therapy costs
  • Temporary or permanent disability
  • Loss of earning capacity, etc.

A lawyer will seek a reasonable settlement based on the facts of the case. The reimbursement will cover the victim’s economic and non-economic damages. According to work-related injuries lawyers in Irving, sometimes, juries can award punitive damages against a company or a liable party that engaged in gross negligence. The damages granted in particular situations add to the victim's “regular” compensation.

How Lawyers Can Help Injured Construction Workers

If you are the victim of a construction accident and the workers’ comp doesn’t begin to pay for your damages, it is best to consult an attorney to understand your options. They will provide you with an estimate for your construction accident claim. Then, a dedicated legal team must investigate your injuries, collect facts, and calculate your damages.

Also, legal experts evaluate the expenses, losses, and non-monetary damages you've incurred and may need in the future. Then, using your case's value range, your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company or present the evidence in court.

Injured construction workers may rely on a team of advocates to file lawsuits on their behalf. A case must be filed within its statute of limitations; otherwise, you might not have a case. Find a lawyer who will work relentlessly to get the best possible result in your case.

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