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Trucking Accidents: Common Types, Winning Lawsuits, and More

Driving on American highways can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous due to trucking accidents. On average, half a million accidents occur due to trucks every year. 

Trucking accidents can happen because of distracted driving, driver fatigue, reckless driving, mechanical failure, and more. Technically, the accident’s extent will depend on how the truck operates and its maintenance requirements. Either way, the aftermath of these can have life-threatening consequences for other vehicles involved. 

Usually, these accidents affect passenger cars more because of the weight difference. For instance, big cargo trucks weigh 80,000 pounds, whereas your car will only weigh 4,000 pounds. 

In this blog, we will discuss three common types of trucking accidents, how to win lawsuits, and more. 

3 Common Types of Trucking Accidents

There are twelve types of trucking accidents that happen due to various reasons, like driving fast, overtaking, taking steep turns, and more. However, the following three types of trucking accidents are the most common on American highways:

#1. Tire Blowout Accidents

Do you remember that Final Destination 2 scene where the semi-truck swerves off the highway and crashes? Well, that happened because of a dangerous tire blowout. 

A tire blowout happens due to air leakage, defective manufacturing, or excessive use. It can sometimes detach from the truck, come flying into traffic, crash into your car, and shatter your windshield. The worst part is that truck drivers cannot predict tire blowouts, resulting in rollovers, jackknifes, etc. 

Recently, a truck lost its wheel on the I-70 highway during rush-hour traffic. This tire flew and crashed into the windshield of an adjacent vehicle, killing the woman who was driving. To safeguard yourself from such situations, you must avoid driving alongside a truck for long.

#2. Unsecured Load Accidents

Let’s discuss another scene from Final Destination 2 where unsecured tree logs loosened and fell into traffic. This incident created a series of unfortunate disasters, but thankfully, it was a premonition scene. 

As shown in the movie, unsecured load accidents can truly lead to multi-vehicle crashes and exposure to hazardous situations. For example, if a truck’s cargo loosens and suddenly falls on the street, all the adjacent cars will try to avoid crashing into it. It can cause panic and unpredictable swerves, leading to multiple crashes. 

While there are strict federal rules about ground freight, some unfortunate accidents still occur. For instance, in Washington State, a chain reaction crash occurred due to an unsecured load that fell into the street. To avoid this, you must pay attention to the road and stay within speed limits. 

#3. Underride Accidents 

Statistics suggest that 400 people died due to underride crashes in 2021. This type of trucking accident occurs when your car collides with a truck’s rear or side and slides underneath. If this happens, the car’s front can be crushed, leading to injuries and fatalities.

Such an incident can occur as a result of both parties’ fault. For instance, underrides can happen when the passenger car driver is speeding or distracted. Similarly, the truck can come to a sudden halt, causing the car to crash into it.

Recently, a 61-year-old man died after crashing into a 53-foot trailer that was blocking traffic. To be safe from underride accidents, you must keep enough distance from the truck and avoid getting into blind spots. 

What Should You Do After a Truck Accident? 

The initial moments after being in a trucking accident can be critical and overwhelming. You might feel frantic and confused. However, once you collect yourself, you must take these immediate steps to ensure everyone’s safety: 

  • Report to the authorities about the accident
  • Call an ambulance and seek medical attention
  • Collect evidence of the scene through photos or videos
  • Avoid admitting fault or signing any documents
  • Exchange numbers with other victims and the truck driver
  • Contact a lawyer to file a case against the truck company

How to Win a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Since these accidents are usually the truck’s fault, victims can file truck accident lawsuits. These lawsuits will help you get compensation for medical expenses, hospital fees, and in-home care. 

The judge will also consider the mental and physical suffering caused by pain, stress, and anxiety due to the trucking accident. In most cases, the lawsuit will compensate you for lost wages due to medical issues. 

These litigations can either turn into a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit. According to Russell & Hill, your attorneys will do the following things to win such a lawsuit:

  • Maintain a strong stance and provide substantial evidence 
  • Openly negotiate about the compensation amounts
  • Understand your case’s worth and fight for justice

In short, you can win the case if you have compelling evidence against the defendant for the damage and losses. However, you must avoid exaggerating the extent of your injuries or presenting false proof. 

The Bottom Line

Truck accidents have become increasingly common nowadays. In Oregon, a semi-truck driver was charged with vehicular manslaughter for killing seven people while drunk driving on the I-5 highway. Again, in Georgia, a parked tow truck ramp caused a passenger car to fly 120 feet in the air and crash. 

These incidents will surely send a shiver down your spine. That’s why you must be aware of common trucking accidents and ways to protect yourself. 

Later on, you can press charges. This way, you can get compensation for the medical expenses, loss of wages, and property damages caused. 

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