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Truck Accident Lawsuits: Critical Questions You Need To Ask Your Lawyer

Truck accidents cases are quite common. The fact that you're reading this, you might have either been a victim of one or  you were the truck driver involved in an accident. Considering the size of trucks, it's but an expectation that these vehicles are, in fact, more prone to accidents. Truck accident statistics would show that indeed, the incidents of these kinds of accidents are rising. For some truck drivers, it could also be the time pressure to deliver the goods timely, the load they carry, and even perhaps their lack of rest and good sleep, if they've been doing successive journeys.

Whatever the reason, in case of a truck accident, there's no denying that it can end up in a lawsuit. While some are only minor, there are other truck accidents that, unfortunately, can cause damage and injury not just to property, but also to life.

If this happens to you, the best recourse you can have is to hire an accident lawyer. This process involves asking critical questions like the following:

  1. What is your fee structure?

Of course, before anything else, you need to ask your lawyer their fees and costs. There's no denying the fact that lawyers can be quite expensive. Hence, on top of all the stress you are currently experiencing, the last thing on your mind would be added expenses.

While lawyers are expensive in general, some are cheaper than others. Remember that a costly fee doesn't always equate to expertise and quality. You've only got to do your part in researching for the lawyers that you can afford, but that are also reputable ones.

If you plan to hire a truck accident lawyer from David Bryant Law, you can also get a personal injury lawyer. The advantage with this is that most of these personal injury lawyers charge on a contingency fee basis. By this, it means that you won't have to pay the lawyer any fee, not until a favorable settlement comes out of your case. Here, the lawyer is merely going to charge you with a percentage of the amount that you're going to receive as compensation.

  1. Who is the one responsible for the crash?

During your first meeting with your lawyer, you'll also enumerate the circumstances of your accident. So, with these facts, you can also iron out better who is responsible for the crash. It's normal for you to be in a state of shock or panic, whereby you'll also be confused about who is really at fault. With your lawyer, early on, you'll have a better idea as to the liabilities involved.

If it's proven indeed that the other party was responsible for the crash, then you'll also have to take note of the concept of vicarious liability. The employer of the other truck driver, and even the manufacturer of the truck, if the truck is proven to have defects, can also have their share of the liability.

  1. Have you previously handled cases like mine?

Even if a truck accident is already specific in itself, different circumstances are surrounding different truck accident cases. So, you'll also want to have that assurance that the lawyer has handled a situation which  is directly identical to yours.

With this kind of assurance, you feel even better that you can have a favorable resolution of your case. You need to know that more than just the knowledge, your lawyer also has the proper expertise to present your case successfully.

Along this line, you'll also want to ask the lawyer questions such as the following:

  • What was the outcome of the cases similar to mine that you've previously handled?
  • How long have you been handling cases like mine in your practice of the law?
  1. What damages can I successfully recover?

The damages you can recover can include everything from your physical injuries, mental trauma, emotional stress. This also includes the financial stress due to your inability to report to work during the days your physical disability hinders you from your job. So, your earning capacity also suffers.

Here, the damages that you're set to recover refers to the monetary amount due to you, which your lawyer can also help you accurately compute and determine.

  1. Who will work on my case and how can we contact each other?

Lastly, you'll also have to make it clear as to who will work on your case and who is the proper contact person. Especially when you're set on having that specific lawyer work on your case, it might be upsetting for you when you find out that another lawyer in the team will be handling your case instead.

Then, you'll also want to ask for your means of contacting each other. Generally, you'll want to have an open line of communication with your lawyer. Else, if you can sense that communicating with this lawyer seems quite tricky, you may be better off looking for another instead.


With this list of questions, you're also more aware of the questions you'll have to ask a truck accident lawyer upon your first meeting. The key to ensuring that all your claims are appropriately met also has to do with asking the right questions. Else, you might end up with a lawyer that poses more problems to you than benefits. A car accident is a stressful situation, yes, but with a lawyer by your side, you can immensely lower your anxiety. Even better yet, your claim and compensation for damages will be successful.

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