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Top Bail Bonds In Cobb County: What To Expect

In some recent news, it is observed that there is a rise in the number of false DUI arrests in Cobb County. It has become a problem as many innocent people are getting arrested even before the lab tests turn up.

In such cases, the accused stay in the Cobb County jail till they are presented in the court. However, staying in jail can cause significant mental, financial and physical stress. 

If any family member of yours or a friend gets arrested, then you can either wait till they appear for the court hearing or get them out on bail. Or, you can hire the best agency for top bail bonds in Cobb County.

What Is A Bail?

In simple words, bail is an agreement between the court and the accused/defendant. It is a type of cash insurance. The defendant will have to pay the bail amount decided by the court. After the bail amount is paid to the Cobb County court, the defendant will be released.

However, the defendant will have to appear in front of the court on the hearing date. After the hearing and closure of the case, the bail amount is returned after deducting a fee.

If the defendant does not appear in front of the court on the hearing date, a grace period will be announced. If the defendant appears within the grace period, there will be no legal actions against the accused.

But, in case they fail to appear even during the grace period, an arrest warrant will be issued in their name. Also, the bail amount will not be refunded by the Cobb County court.

What Is A Bail Bond?

The accused can be freed under the citation release or recognition release in some minor cases. But in other cases, submitting the bail amount is necessary.

If the person cannot pay the bail amount to the court, then a bail bond is issued by a bail bond agency or company. In this, the bail bond agency will pay the bail amount against collateral given by the defendant. The agency will also charge a fee that can differ from state to state.

Bail bonds are beneficial when the defendant cannot arrange the bail amount. Every bail bond has its features and limitations. Some rules need to be followed while submitting any bail bond to the court.

Types Of Bail Bonds In Cobb County

When it comes to bail bonds, types can vary from case to case. Some of the most common bonds are:

  1. Cash Bonds: These are the simplest type of bonds. The defendant pays the bail amount. They will be released after submitting the amount to the court.
  2. Property Bonds: In this type, the defendant's property is kept as collateral. The property's value should equal or more than the bail amount.
  3. Surety Bonds: these bonds are fulfilled by bail bond agencies. The bail bond service will submit the bond amount to the court. In return, they will take a certain percentage as a fee.
  4. Federal Bail Bonds: Federal bail bonds are the most complicated bonds. These bonds are demanded in federal cases. They are usually expensive, and you need to hire specialized bond agencies for federal bonds.
  5. Immigration Bail Bonds: These are issued when the defendant is not a US citizen. You should look for immigration bail bond agencies in these cases. 

Process Of Bail Bonds

The usual process of bail bonds is pretty simple. After the arrest of a person, the Cobb County court will decide a certain amount as the bail amount. Several factors are agreed upon, like the type of charges, criminal history, flight risk, etc.

After the bail amount is decided, any family member or friend will have to sign the bond papers and pay the bail amount to the court. After processing the bail amount, the defendant will be released.

In case of hiring the best agency for top bail bonds in Cobb County, you will take these steps:

  1. After the court decides the bail amount, one will have to contact a bail bond agency.
  2. Inform them about the case, the charges, and the bail amount.
  3. Please provide them with needed information like the defendant's name, booking number, etc.
  4. The agency will then decide between collateral and fee or both.
  5. After, this agency will pay the bail amount to the court, and the defendant will be released.

Hiring a Cobb County agency for bail bonds will help complete the bail process. It will help in saving both the time and money of the defendant.

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