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“Their Lawyer was Better”: And 5 Other Things You DON’T Want to be Saying After Your Injury

Personal injuries are expensive both in the cost of treatment and opportunity costs involved. Taking precautions after the injury will allow you to get enough compensation to cover these expenses. Failure to take these precautions will lead to long-term regrets, and these can take a while to recover from. Here are 5 things you don’t want to be saying after your injury:

1) I should have kept my Mouth Shut

At the scene of an accident, blame can be pinned on either of the victims. Even if you feel obliged to express concern for the other victim, don’t ever make implications that you may be responsible for part or all of the accident. If you do this, you will have a weaker case in court and your insurance company will not even pay for treatment.

Instead of talking to people at the scene, you should spend time taking pictures of the vehicles involved in the accident. With such images, you will have a strong case.

2) I should have gone for a Medical Evaluation after the Accident

Even if you feel perfectly normal, you need to go for a medical checkup. In many cases, symptoms of injury show after a while, and these can lead to huge expenses. If you don’t go to a medical facility right after the accident, there will be no way of proving that your injuries were related to the incident. Going to a hospital days or weeks later will mean that you will use your own cash to treat your injuries. Insurance companies may also not have to pay for your medical costs, depending on your policy.

3) My Lawyer didn’t know Everything

The caliber of your attorney makes all the difference in achieving a successful outcome for your personal injury case. Still, great lawyers will be unable to come up with a convincing case if you don’t present them with all the crucial details of the accident. With only the knowledge of the surrounding events, your lawyer will be able to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the case and come up with a convincing argument. That way, they will get you the highest possible settlement.

Also, you shouldn’t lie to your insurance provider but also shouldn’t tell them anything that could be self-incriminatory. You shouldn’t even make the implication that you are not seriously injured from the accident, even if you are almost certain it didn’t affect you.

4) I shouldn’t have taken the offer from the Insurance Company

Insurance companies try hard to mitigate their losses after personal injuries. They are likely to reach out to you after the accident with settlement offers. This is usually the final payment for your injury, and it will always be less than what you would get after winning a court case. Also, don’t authorize the defendant’s insurance company to see details of your medical history.

5) I should have detailed all Information after the Accident

This is probably the biggest mistake people make after personal injuries. From the defendant, you need to get their full names, insurance company, phone number, driver’s license number, address, license plate number, and vehicle owner’s name. Also, you should document all events and necessary details on the accident, right from the collision and even as you drive off. This information will allow your lawyer to start working on your case fast and will also strengthen your claim.

Personal injuries can lead to a temporary or permanent change of your life. You may not be able to work for a while, and will have to sustain extra medical costs. Making mistakes in such incidents will cost you a lot of money. It is important to avoid the common errors listed above.

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