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The Two Types Of Criminal Attorneys

Just like any other law specialization, criminal law attorneys are not created equal. In most situations they are classified based on how many responsibilities are taken and what criminal law sections are covered. Law branches will basically define various different crimes. All of them will have objectives, bringing in 3 duties as a priority:

  • Defining exactly what the crime is.
  • Identifying the victim that appeared because of the crime.
  • Finding out who did the crime.

Criminal lawyers says that their line of work will be classified based on the criminal laws that apply and the procedures that are going to be done.

Criminal Law Sections

Although this can be debatable and differences appear from one jurisdiction to the next, there are mainly 2 sections that will follow various different procedures and that will involve the work of the specialized criminal lawyer.

  • Criminal procedures

This will mostly imply court trials. The criminal trial attorney is going to take care of every single court action, before and during it. The procedure does define various ways in which claims are going to be investigated. At the same time, procedures appear about how evidence and facts are going to be collected. In most situations the attorney that will take this job will have the main job of gathering proof and will work as the defense criminal attorney.

  • Substantive Criminal Law

Substantive law will mainly put an emphasis on the punishment of a specific crime. In this situation the criminal defense attorney is going to represent those accused by crimes. After the attorney is hired, job begins. When individuals are accused and they cannot afford the services of the attorney, there will be one that will be appointed by the court. Client meetings are always going to happen in order to get the perspective of the person represented and different needed facts. Helping the client is going to be done as long as guilt is not admitted.

Do You Need A Criminal Attorney?

This can be complicated. If you were injured in a car accident, you may need a criminal attorney or a personal injury attorney. Generally speaking, in the event you are accused by a criminal offense that would fall under the category of felony, it is really important to have an attorney that will help you. In the situations in which you do not need such help you can represent yourself. However, as the case will go to court, it is something that can create so many problems on the long run.

In the event you decide that a criminal attorney is needed, make sure that you learn all that you can about the past work that was done by the considered specialist. You want to be sure that you are going to work with someone that has a proven track record. If this is not the case, you can be faced with representation coming from someone that is not as good as you want him to be.

On the whole, criminal law is something that is really serious. Whenever accused, it is your right to get an attorney. Be sure that you do not say anything to the authorities until you are going to talk with an attorney.

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