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The Other Side of the Millennials

Do a simple Google search of Millennials. A lot of articles tend to portray Millennials in a negative light. Millennials are grouped into a box and considered lazy, entitled brats. On the other hand, Baby Boomers are heralded as wise, hard-working yet lack the tech-savvy skills of the Millennial. However, the same tech-savvy skills of the Millennial are considered narcissistic and divisive. In a lot of cases, Millennials are considered the "bad boy" of the proverbial generational boy band.

However, a look at an Intelius felony dataset paints a different picture and it's very difficult to argue with numbers. When it comes to the various generations and bad behavior, none of the generations are in the clear. After looking at a number of felonies, it's clear that there's a progression in felony convictions regardless of the age.

Additionally, there are certain states that rank the highest when it comes to certain felony convictions. In most cases, people assume New York would be one of the states on the list. After all, the media presents New York as dangerous. However, New York didn't even make the list. 


It's not uncommon for sexual assault to take place in the workplace. it's an unfortunate reality that the country has to grapple with. However, in most cases, the predator is usually in a position of power and lords that over the victim. Currently, the generations that are in power are mixed. Generation X, Generation Jones and Generation Y are represented in leadership across the nation. Within the leadership context, they show up as principals, board members, owners and managers. All generations are represented. 


Interestingly enough, the states with the highest number of felony convictions are Texas, Wisconsin and North Carolina. Some of the most popular states like New York and California aren't even on the list. Whether you're a business owner of the student in the classroom, you're not exempt from experiencing the penalties of the law.

This is one of the reasons why it's important to have legal representation. If you've been wrongfully accused of committing a felony, it's not something you want to have on a permanent record. It's a good thing for victims to have rights because there are a lot of predators who are committing crimes and getting away with them. Predators should pay for malicious acts of violence, assault and drug-related offenses. However, this shouldn't silence the person who's been wrongfully accused.

While the law states that you are innocent until proven guilty, the public eye doesn't view things from that vantage point. If someone says you've committed a crime, many people assume you did it. Legal representation is still there for the victims and the innocent. No matter what generation you fall under or which state you live in, know that you're not exempt from facing a conviction. Your position won't save you. However, if you're innocent, legal representation can.

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