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The Increasing Rate of Coercion against Women

Many experts say coercion in some forms should be a part of the criminal act. Concerning the N.S mass shooting attack, it has been said that coercion in any form can result in a huge loss to mankind and power. Many sociologists say on the behalf of a public inquiry, we can defeat the enmity of Coercive forms in the society by making it a law.

The Nova Scotia mass shooter ostensibly used frequent threats against his spouse by isolating her for a long time. Experts on domestic violence speak that this is a cruel activity denoting coercion that should be a criminal offense in Canada.

What is coercion?

To all the people who don't know what coercion is, we want you to know that it is a violent activity in which any individual can threaten the other person to get his work done. If anyone tries to persuade someone by using compulsive strength in the form of threats or any kind of force, then this action results in coercion.

What was the case about?

There was a 51-year-old millionaire killer who was cunning and manipulative by nature. He used to threaten his spouse and her family to have her wealth. He was trying to mentally harass her by doing an impactful cruel act like removing tires from her car or by intruding the driveway.

The killing plan of Gabriel Wortman started coercion at his residence situated in Portapique, N.S by domestic violence against his companion on the evening of 18 April. His spouse tried to escape from the place, but it all ended up with the major slaughtering of 22 innocent people by the 51-year-old dental technician. On April 19, the police executed him by shooting him dead at a service station.

Spouse of the killer has addressed the police about the usage of imitated police vehicles and firearms bye her partner. However, she declined to address the Canadian press by one of the family members.

Nevertheless, all the neighbors and many witnesses of police have uttered about much personal domestic violence witnessed by them before the night of destruction.

In an interview conducted on April 20 with the Canadian press, Gabriel's neighbor at Portapique told about the way of isolation used by Wortman to isolate his spouse. He had seen the way gunman used to treat her wife, he used to lock her out of the home after an argument to stop her to gather her belongings. He spoke about the moment he saw Gabriel removing tires from her car and disposing it into the ditch.

What do experts say?

As per one of the expert’s speech like David Genis - A criminal lawyer in toronto, if there will be a public inquiry for the whole shooting attack, then this inquiry will lead to unveiling other abusers as this can be a strict law similar to the UK 2015 coercive control.

Coercive control is a repulsive type of brutality as it is a method to control individuals forcefully and suppression of their basic rights. These basic rights are way important for an individual. This should be given proper attention in the case of this coercion. The coercion can be reprimanded, but the brutality while suppressing basic rights is not acceptable at all.

What was the court's verdict?

When the reports were discharged in the court, the acquaintance spoke that they have observed the “harsh”, “abusive”, “dominant” and “manipulative’ behaviour of Gabriel in the past.

The prosecution served a guideline that underlines the various examples of coercion, including the isolation of a person or keeping a check on their phone records. It also includes depriving them of basic rights as well. One thing that is way out of the baggage is the threat of families and controlling their finance. This will harm them in all possible ways.

Apart from the above, there are different statistical data that comprises of police reports of violent crimes that show around 99,000 cases of violent reports include intimate partner violence. In these more than 80% of crime is being committed against women. It is high time to restrict those by any means.

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