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Six Tips To Help Prove That You Are Not At Fault In An Accident

A lot follows after you have been in a car accident. In addition to the bruises and trauma that you need to attend to, there are lawsuits that you will need to file. If you are not the at-fault party, then you are entitled to compensation by the at-fault party. Additionally, if you are to claim your reimbursement from your insurance company, you need to show that you are not at fault. For this reason, after the accident, you need to work to prove that you are not at fault. With the help of your injury lawyer, then this should be a walk in the park. Below are some of these ways through which you can prove that you are not at fault.

Research Traffic Laws

In a road accident, the party at fault is the party that violated any traffic law leading to the accident. By researching the traffic laws, it is possible to come across a statute that the other party had violated. You may find that the other car was wrecked or had other problems, such as over speeding. With the help of a kind auto accident lawyer from Phillips Law Offices, it is possible to find some of the traffic laws that the other party may have violated. This way, you can prove that you were innocent and deserve compensation from the party.

Get An Accurate Police Report.

More often than not, after an accident, the police come to the scene and make a report about it. For this reason, if you are sure that you were not at fault, then you can use the story written by the police to prove this. The report that the police have may compromise diagrams or pictures that will show that you are innocent. Additionally, the police may have recorded something that you or the other party said, thus proving your innocence. Therefore, contact the policemen who got the report after the accident as this report could help you in a great way.

Get Witnesses For The Accident.

In the event of an accident, there may be some people around who see what happens. With the help of your injury lawyer, you can get in touch with these witnesses and testify in court to prove that you are innocent. If you are conscious after an accident, ensure that you get the contacts of the people around and ask them to testify for you in court. You may need these witnesses when filing the claim with the insurance company to help you get your compensation. You could also ask the witnesses whether they have any images that could prove that you are innocent.

Get Physical Evidence

After an accident, it may take even hours before the scene of the accident is cleared. When the scene is cleaned up, it may be impossible to collect any helpful information. For this reason, immediately after the accident, if you are in a position, get photos of all parts of the accident that you could use to prove you are innocent. If you are injured, ask the witnesses of the accident, take these photos for you. Try to note details such as whether or not the other driver has a cell phone and other laws that the driver may have violated. Such physical evidence is essential in proving that you are innocent and deserve compensation.

Avoid Admitting Fault

It is possible that after the accident, you got unconscious and did not remember whether or not you are responsible. However, whether you remember this or not, never admit that you are guilty. That is regardless of whether or not you have the evidence to show that you are innocent. Acknowledging that you are not guilty is the first step towards showing that you are innocent. After you have admitted that you are honest, you can then give the documents that will show your innocence. However, if you acknowledge that you are guilty, it will be tricky to prove otherwise.

Hire A Professional

Unless you are experienced in legal stuff, proving that you are innocent on your own is easier said than done. For this reason, some of the most important things that you need to do after an accident is hiring a professional personal injury lawyer. Ensure that the lawyer you hire is a professional who will give their best to ensure they defend you. Therefore, be careful to avoid hiring someone who will lead you to future regrets.

Being in a road accident is not only stressful but also traumatizing. However, before you can relax and start recovering, you will need to prove that you are not to blame for the accident. Above are some of the ways through which you can ascertain your innocence. 

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