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Should I get a Lawyer for a Car Accident that wasn't My Fault?

Road accidents are frequent and constitute a large percentage of fatalities and injuries. Even though accident conditions could be obvious and you may think the accident isn't your fault, the other party has the right to oppose it. An OC accident lawyer can make things clear and offer you a fair representation in litigation or out-of-court negotiations.

Many people doubt the need to have a lawyer to deal with your car accident case. This is especially true when you believe that you are not responsible for the accident. Here you can find many reasons and facts supporting the need to hire an experienced lawyer to handle your car accident case.

The Insurance Company Has Denied Your Claim

If you had a car accident and filed a claim for it to insurance companies, you may be receiving bad news. Many times insurers deny your claims on the grounds of liability disputes. The liable driver could have deceived you at the accident scene and falsely claim to accept full responsibility for the accident. That happens more frequently when only car damages have been incurred, and law enforcement officers are never called to file a report. 

You need a lawyer to represent you in such cases. He can talk to the insurers on your behalf and discuss the chance to go to litigation presenting all the available data to prove their liability.

Liability Dispute Issues

We have often seen the liable party dispute the percentage of its liability for the car accident. That is an effort to share part of the responsibility to your side, ending up paying a significantly lower price for the damages. 

Your lawyer can look into the case reports or call private investigators to look at the evidence and present them in the court of law. Liability dispute issues can delay your damage recovery. Moreover, your chances to resolve them without a lawyer are minimal.

The Accident Caused Serious Injuries

Even though the accident wasn't your fault, it could have caused serious injuries to involved drivers, passengers, or pedestrians and turn your life upside down. Health-related damages occurring even months after the car accident create several reasons to file for litigation.

An experienced lawyer can analyze the situation, get access to the medical records of people involved in the accident, and provide you with the right strategy to deal with this case successfully. 

Getting Closer to the Statute of Limitations Deadline

Every state has issued a Statute of Limitations deadline for any car accident claims. Insurance companies may deliberately delay their damage claim responses to make your case come closer to this deadline.

If you are not aware of these deadlines, you can hire a lawyer to look into your case and take all the necessary actions to file for a lawsuit before the deadline expires. 

Received a Lawsuit Summoning from the Other Party

If you think the car accident you were involved in is not your fault, then think twice. The other party has every right to support its opinion and share with you a part of the responsibility. Many drivers have received summonses for lawsuits in the past related to car accident cases that they believed were not their fault. 

That's the time to hire a lawyer who could defend you in the courthouse. The other party can make the first move and accuse you of the accident to reinforce its position in front of the audience. However, your lawyer knows how to object to all their arguments and present your evidence to build your case successfully. Their legal effort to make you liable for the car accident could become a boomerang for them, only if you have hired the right lawyer to represent you.

Insurance Settlement Remains Below Acceptable Limits

Another reason to hire a lawyer when you are involved in a car accident that's not your fault would be the low levels of insurance settlement. Frequently drivers engage in negotiations with insurance companies without having a complete picture of their material damages or injury costs. 

Offering a lower settlement than the one deserved is a common practice for insurance companies. Hiring your lawyer to represent you in these negotiations can give you a better chance to receive the right settlement amount. It shows the other party your determination to litigate if you are not fully satisfied by their offer. A knowledgeable lawyer being by your side is the right ally to have when dealing with a car accident case.

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