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Proper Representation: 3 Reasons You Will Want an Attorney When Dealing with an Injury Case

Have you or someone you love been injured in an accident? Looking back, what led to the event can be confusing, but it isn’t always this way. Even when things look cut and dry, getting an attorney right away is essential. Here are three big reasons why you won’t want to leave this one to chance.

  1. You’re not as crafty as you think.

There are sure to be some great amateur sleuths and meticulous record keepers among you. Being one or both of these things does not mean you’re prepared to take this case on alone.

The openness of the internet in particular gives us the feeling that everything we need to know is at our fingertips. Yet this does not match the resources firms like Tittle and Perlmuter have at their disposal.

Access to professional investigators, detailed knowledge of the laws where you reside, and professional experience with other legal personnel and court officials is invaluable - even if you are a formidable researcher.

  1. The settlement potential is greater.

Perhaps you’ve been made an offer that seems fair to you, and it’s looking like you can avoid a long and potentially messy court case. Why wouldn’t you take it?

The answer is simple. If you’ve been injured at all, you require a lawyer. At the very least, you need a lawyer to help you even determine what a “fair” settlement would be. It’s not as if you should trust anyone who has an interest in paying you less, after all.

Historically, people with lawyers get larger settlements. Lest you think that all of that extra goes to the attorney in the form of a contingency fee, know that these settlements can average up to three times more than those who settle without an attorney. Most attorneys are only taking a third on contingency.

  1. Your recovery is most important.

Admit it - this is all pretty stressful isn’t it? When you’re supposed to be focusing on your health, handling a legal drama on your own really isn’t ideal. If you’re juggling your regular daily routine, doctor visits or physical therapy, and trying to work the ins and outs of settling, you’re taking on too much. This can have consequences down the line.

In the first place, depending on how severe your injury is, you may not be dedicating yourself to your recovery. Injuries that require physical therapy or certain lifestyle changes can become worse if you don’t conduct yourself accordingly.

This has implications beyond your health. If you do land in court, you may have not held up your end of the bargain in handling an injury case - the plaintiff’s duty to mitigate damages. If your injury doesn’t heal or gets worse because your attention was diverted elsewhere, this can actually reduce your settlement amount.

Take it from the pros: it’s rarely as simple as it seems. You could be doing yourself a great disservice when you opt to handle an injury settlement on your own. Don’t leave yourself open to feelings of regret - find a lawyer today who can leverage their expertise to get you a better settlement. 

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