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Personal Injury Lawyers In Perth Talks About Repetitive Motion Injury

Some jobs obliged workers to repeatedly do some actions or movements for more than a couple of times. The nature of the job where repetition is common can cause painful injuries. The injuries usually affect the shoulders, knees, backs, hands and other joints.

Most workers in Perth, Australia suffer from work-related repetitive motion injury like carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. And according to expert personal injury lawyers perth, those affected employees are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits.

What are the common Work-Related Repetitive Motion Injuries?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Compared to the common neck and back injuries, carpal tunnel is a hand injury. It is an injury common to workers that are working in manufacturing business such as sewing, poultry, assembly-line work and fish processing. The common symptoms of this injury include numbness or tingling feeling in the fingers, burning, difficulty in gripping and discomfort both in forearm and wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an injury that can damage the median nerve and cause pain in the arms. The treatment for this injury involves stabilizing the injured part and complete rest. Also, it is an injury that will be needing rest from work for a long period. Some serious cases of carpal tunnel injuries require surgery.


Tendonitis is an injury that results from repeated motions done as part of normal work activities. It is a type of injury that involves repeated overuse of tendons connected to the bones and muscles.

A tendon is a white fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone and allows for movement at all joints throughout the body. Because tendons must be able to bear all of the weight of the attached muscle, they are very strong. Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendon. (Whenever you see "-itis" at the end of a word, think "inflammation.")

Common sites of tendonitis include the shoulder, the biceps, and the elbow (such as tennis elbow). The inflammation of the tendon usually occurs at the site of insertion into bone. Tenosynovitis of the wrist may be involved in carpal tunnel syndrome, the most common compression nerve disorder, but this cause-and-effect relationship has never been proven.


Tendons run through a lubricating sheath where they connect into muscle, and this sheath also may become inflamed. This condition is known as tenosynovitis.Tenosynovitis is almost identical to tendinitis because both have identical causes, symptoms, and treatment. Tenosynovitis of the wrist may be involved in carpal tunnel syndrome, the most common compression nerve disorder, but this cause-and-effect relationship has never been proven. Tendonitis usually occurs to senior or middle-aged workers due to overuse of the tendons. Often, these tendons swell and inflame in the upper arm, Achilles tendon, and hand.


Besides the common work injury caused by accidents, repetitive motion injuries are also common in the workplace. With these kinds of injuries, workers and employees extend to have a certain rest period with pay included in the company’s health coverage. Consult an expert personal injury lawyers perth or in your area to know more about this and the compensation you deserve.

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