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Chicago Medical Malpractice & Negligence Lawyers - The Malpractice Group Talks About Plastic Surgery Negligence

Plastic surgery is any surgical procedure done for appearance. It is an example of how cosmetic surgery is not just superficial and for beautifying. Plastic surgery uplifts the self-esteem of those people who have discontentment with their bodies by undergoing surgical operations.

What is plastic surgery negligence?

Plastic surgery negligence is when a procedure has not been performed correctly, which may cause pain, disfigurement, and further complications. Often, negligent plastic surgery happens because the surgeon is not qualified to do the conducted operation.

People should choose a plastic surgeon that is qualified. The surgeon must give a proper detailed analysis of all the danger associated with the procedure to make sure they can make the right decision to continue with the surgery.

How to prove plastic surgery negligence

According to Chicago Medical Malpractice & Negligence Lawyers - The Malpractice Group, in some plastic surgery cases, it can be hard to prove that the action of the surgeon caused the injuries in question. It is because there is more than one medical personnel involved in the procedure.

Also, in many cases, an individual’s personal injury from plastic surgery, which is a form of medical negligence, isn't readily visible but may only show in a couple of weeks or so, which also makes it hard to figure out the cause. An exception to this is obvious negligence. For example, the surgeon is operating on the wrong body parts or something which is similar.

Types of injuries that might occur with plastic surgery

Plastic surgeries can be a delicate procedure because it is risky and has side effects. While a lot of plastic surgery operations have been already perfected over time, there are still some processes which are new and are still subject to improvements. Some injuries related to plastic surgery are:

  • Complications with the first injuries – some plastic surgery is to treat injuries, the procedures might also result in complications during the healing process.
  • Injuries from a mistake – these might happen if the surgeon or medical personnel have rendered substandard care during the operation.
  • Leakages – implantation of any artificial substances like collagen injections or breast implants might sometimes leak into adjacent areas.
  • Reopening of incisions – it might happen over time as the body adjusts to the newly remodeled areas. Weight gain or drastic weight loss can cause re-openings.

What does the law say about plastic surgery negligence?

According to the U.S law, there should be a period of two weeks between the consultation and the day of the actual surgery to let the patient reconsider his or her decision. During the consultation, the surgeon should explain all the details and the risks of the procedure. Once the patient already decided to continue with the surgery, he or she should be given a written guide about the effects, the surgery, and the term and condition of the contract.

When claiming compensation for negligence during the plastic surgery, it is important to approach a trusted firm like Chicago Medical Malpractice & Negligence Lawyers - The Malpractice Group who can assist with filing a lawsuit.


When the procedure goes wrong during a plastic surgery procedure, the effects to the patient can be destructive, not just emotionally and physically, but also financially. Any process which has gone wrong due to the negligence of the surgeon will be considered as a negligent action.

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