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Oklahoma Crash Facts

Oklahoma is a great state with endless miles of highways, streets, and roads. According to the Highway Loss Data Institute and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than 600 fatal accidents happen almost every year.

Although many Oklahoma residents drive cars every day, some forget how dangerous it can be while on the road. Every traffic accident is unfortunate, though they can become tragedies when they result in death.

Car Crash Laws

Under the Status section 10-107, when a fatal crash leads to death or injury, you must immediately report to a local police department in Oklahoma or the State Highway Patrol.

You might also be obligated to give a written report of the accident to the Department of Public Safety.

Types of Car Accidents

 Not all accidents are fender-benders. You can suffer from severe injuries and get serious damages as a result of:

  • Accidents in a roadwork site
  • Drunk driving
  • T-bone crashes
  • Tailgating and speeding
  • Car defects causing tire blowout and rollovers
  • Poorly or risky maintained roads

Causes of Car Crashes

There are approximately 4 million residents in Oklahoma. Less than half of that are licensed drivers. So it may seem like chances of being involved in an auto accident can be pretty slim.

However, just because fewer residents in Oklahoma doesn’t mean highways and roads are empty. According to the Carlnsurance Comparison, the state ranks 13 in the annual list of the nation’s worst drivers.

Among the major reasons for this ranking include running red lights and rain. Basically, red lights mean stop. When drivers ignore red lights, traffic accidents usually follow.

Crashes as a result of running red lights are very dangerous because side-impact collisions are risky. Always look at both sizes before you enter an intersection, particularly if you are the first car to do so.

On the other hand, rain causes wet roads and wet conditions. Mostly, car accidents are more in inclement weather changes, including rain. This is because roads normally become dangerous and slick for motorcycles, trucks, and cars.

Teen Car Crashes

According to Oklahoma Crash Statistics many parents are unarguably concerned each time they leave their driveways. Although it is unfortunate, the truth is that teen drivers are likely to be involved in a car accident.

Due to lack of impulsiveness and experience, teenager drivers are two times likely to cause an accident. If your teenage son or daughter is involved in a serious accident, you will require trusted legal guidance regarding your child's rights.

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