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Migration agent VS immigration lawyer: Who can be more useful?

You may need help with a migration when moving to Australia for work, or education. Like others, you can submit your visa application on your own or choose a consulting expert to get through the process. Since going to a different country is not an easy decision, you should not take it too lightly. Consult someone who specialises in this field. You can turn to a migration agent or immigration lawyer for assistance. Make sure whoever you approach has MARA license as it stands as a guarantee of trustworthiness and legitimacy.

However, you may be wondering who you should choose. In this article, you will learn about the differences between both these service providers so that you can take an easy call.


A migration agent needs to complete a one-year certificate or diploma program in Australian Migration Law to qualify for a job in this field. An immigration lawyer, on the other hand, needs to complete his law degree and practical legal training to deal with immigration-related matters.

Depth of knowledge

Immigration law tends to be very strict as it consists of several legislative and regulatory proceedings. There are specific policy guidelines and rules that one has to keep in mind while handling more than 150 types of visa applications. If you hire an immigration lawyer for your help, you can expect your visa application to be successful because of his profound understanding of the current laws and migration framework.

Legal professional privilege

Although both migration agent and immigration attorney need to maintain confidentiality concerning their clients, it is only the latter one who can practice this privilege under any circumstance. For example, a migration agent will have to share your details with the government if they need to collect evidence against you or investigate your case due to some legal complications or involvement. However, your immigration lawyer can protect your information under legal professional privilege.

Range of immigration services

Advice and visa application form the base of any migration-related services. Besides, it can also involve applying to Tribunals and Courts requesting for a review of the same. An agent can push forward your visa application and even follow up with the Tribunal bodies in case they cancel or reject your plea. But sometimes, an application may have to go through the Commonwealth Courts of the country. A migration agent cannot help you with this. However, if you go to an immigration lawyer, you can get his help in all the matters. He can represent your case in the courts and also give you clarity on how to move forward when a particular immigration issue crops up.

It means if you want an end-to-end solution for your migration-related matters, then going to a legal advisor over an agent can prove to be more beneficial to you. You can seek the help of Strategic Law team or any other experienced law firm to get your or your dear one’s visa accepted. An expert can handle all the legal aspects of your application using his experience and skills.

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