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Keeping It Legal - Using The Right People

There are so many different branches of law from copyright to Trademarks and criminal law and Employment tribunals that sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. 

The first thing most of us do is contact a local law firm. Usually it's one that we have had dealings with in the past even if it was just to help with purchasing or selling a property. There is normally more than one Solicitor in the company and they all tend to specialise in different branches of the law, and so you would be put in contact with the correct lawyer. Using a quality company such as Breens Online is the best way to make sure you are speaking to the professionals and getting the best quality legal service. If they don't have anyone who has any knowledge of your problem they can usually recommend someone who does, and you can get the help and advice you need.

What happens if you have never had any dealings with a solicitor in the past though? What do you do then?  Personally, I would ask family or friends if they can recommend someone and failing that I would contact my local Citizens Advice Bureau to see if they knew of any, and I would search the internet for local firms and see if there was any feedback from satisfied clients.

So you have found a company that can help with your problem, and an appointment has been made for you to attend. Sometimes the initial session is free, as it can be mainly giving all your details, and telling the lawyer what your problem is. He/she will want to see any evidence, documentation you may have and hear your account of events so that they can try and understand as much as possible before they decide the best way to deal with the issue. 

After the consultation another appointment will be made for you if it is necessary, or you will receive letters from him/her informing you of exactly what is happening and you will possibly also receive copies of any replies or responses from the other party (if applicable).

Solicitors fees can vary greatly depending on the case, how much work is involved, phone calls and letters, but you should be able to get an idea of the costs involved. There is also sometimes a facility that grants you help with the costs but this is means tested and with the changes that are being made by the Government, it is best to check this at the time. The company will be able to tell you if it's available to you.

Adam Hughes is a university graduate with experience in law and business; he is looking to share his knowledge & experiences in these fields in order to grant him further experiences with the industry.

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