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How A Fall In The Work Place Can Ruin Lives

It is the right of an employee to be able to work in a safe and secure environment, without fear of injuring themselves. No matter where you work, whether it is a building site, a warehouse or an office, your employer should have a number of safety regulations in place to protect you and your fellow employees. However if these regulations are outdated, or are missing entirely, then there is a high chance that people can get hurt. A fall in the workplace has the potential to ruin lives, but you could also feel the burden financially as well as physically.

Personal Injury

Falling over in the work place is one of the most common accidents that occurs, and if the accident wasn’t your fault then you could be entitled to personal injury. From head teachers to store managers, employers have a duty of care to their employees – even land owners have to make their property safe for people to visit. Negligence has the potential to ruin lives, and employers must be held accountable if their business and workplace does not have the safety procedures in place to ensure a healthy working environment.

Hazards in the Work Place

There are generally four types of hazards in the work place that could cause you injury, and these include physical, ergonomic, chemical and biological. Let’s take a closer look into how these hazards could cause injury, and even ruin a person’s life.

Physical Hazards

Physical hazards are involved in some of the most common types of injury in the work place. Even if your working environment looks safe, it’s likely that a physical hazard is present in one form or another. From unguarded machinery and frayed electrical cords to loud noise, extreme vibrations and tripping over equipment, you’ll probably been involved in a physical hazard accident yourself.

Most of these accidents are simply brushed off as part of the job, however injury is not part of any job, and you must report the unsafe element in the work place as soon as it becomes apparent.  If you think that you’ve been injured by a physical hazard and it wasn’t your fault, be sure to contact Croftons Injury Claims to see what compensation you could be entitled to.

Ergonomic Hazards

This type of hazard is very common for office workers and people who use machinery. An ergonomic hazard can cause injury because of the working conditions that are imposed on your body, and they can be tough to recognise at first as they’re not directly impacting your health. Everything from bad lighting, poorly adjusted workstations, or tasks that cause your body to move in an awkward way are classes as ergonomic hazards, and could cause injury if left untreated.

Chemical and Biological Hazards

Although not as frequent as the others, these hazards can be far more deadly, and could easily ruin a person’s life. Chemical hazards represent exposure to dangerous liquids, gasses or solids while you are working, from flammable materials to fumes and vapours. Biological hazards also include physical contact, including being bitten by an animal, bacterial or viral infection and even exposure to body fluid. 

David is a huge advocate of raising awareness of workplace blame for claims and suits.

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