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Jean Daniel Interview

Please tell me about yourself, your interests, and what you’re passionate about.

My name is Jean Daniel. I am a hardworking young man who loves life and People. I was born and raised in Everett, Massachusetts. My passions are God, family, and working in youth sports in my community.

Tell me about how you met and began interacting with Deanna Deveney?

I began interacting with Deanna in January of 2020 when she was appointed as a member of the Everett communications team. Our first interactions were a collaboration of translating flyers from English to Haitian Creole. I never thought that me offering to assist and her accepting the help would turn into a consistent partnership. Deanna’s disposition made working with her easy. 

Can you tell me about a challenge or obstacle that she was able to help you work through that yielded a positive result?

In 2021 I lost my job due to the COVID19 pandemic. While explaining my situation to Deanna she immediately offered to assist me find a position. Within a week, I was gainfully employed with a lucrative paying job. She trusted me enough in the short time that I worked with her to be willing to vouch for my work ethic which enhanced our professional and personal friendship.

Another challenge that Deanna helped my church and I navigate was our Helping Hands for Haiti event. The event was a collection drive in response to the 2021 earthquake in Haiti. The leadership and direction Denanna provided to my church  from start to finish allowed the event to be not only successful but widely recognized throughout the Commonwealth. Her ability to develop a plan and then execute the plan is unmatched.

How did your professional relationship grow after you began working collaboratively?

Our professional relationship continues to grow as we both continue to flourish. As far as our personal relationship, what was Deanna and I have become great friends. I often find us in deep conversation about important social and economic issues where we often find our unique perspectives enlightening one another. Deanna has a lightheartedness about her where she is opened minded and always willing to listen. lighthearted where our perspectives enlighten one another. light hearted things such as  The love and mutual respect we developed for one another is boundless.

What qualities do you think make Deanna a good leader, role model, and community member?

Deanna is a driven, strong, independent, and smart woman who is motivated by a challenge and is satisfied when things are done properly. Her ability to look at a situation through multiple lenses and see things through other people’s eyes is a quality that I think sets her aside from others. She listens before she speaks, and treats everyone, no matter their caliber, equally.  Deanna is a natural born leader that brings people together no matter the circumstance.

What does the future hold for future collaborations with you and Deanna Deveney?

Something spectacular! I’m not sure what that will be at this very moment, but I truly believe that our paths crossed for a reason and one day we will do something positive to change the world!

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