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Finding a Lebanon Divorce Lawyer

If you live in the Lebanon, Ohio area, you might have a hard time finding an attorney for you.  There’s no question that divorces are more common today than they have been in the past, since they are easier to get.  There are not nearly as many restrictions on them.

This means that more people need attorneys to represent them in these cases than ever.  Locating one that suits your needs is a challenge that I hope I can help you overcome today.  Before we get there, though, let’s go over some of the details about divorces and why they happen.

Toxic Relationships

“Toxic” seems to be a buzz word today to describe a lot of people in our lives.  How do we know if a relationship is truly toxic, though?  Remember that these don’t have to be romantic partnerships but can also be friendships.  For today, though, I’ll be focusing on the former.

The first warning sign is lacking trust between you and your partner.  If you feel you cannot believe what they say, or vice versa, it’s an indication that there is some poor communication between you.  Being caught in a lie only exacerbates something like this.

Ideally, we don’t lie to our partners, but it happens.  If you find out they are cheating on you (or if you are cheating on them), it might be time to call it quits.  Hiding important things like that or other life events is a recipe for disaster.

Next, take note of how you speak to each other.  If you get into disagreements often, does it escalate into a full-on screaming match?  Are you often passive aggressive with each other, or is the silent treatment a common practice in your home?  These are also red flags.

Finally, take heed of any controlling behaviors.  This could be something like telling you how wrong you are all the time, or that you are not permitted to do a certain activity – especially if it is something you actively enjoy.  Discouraging other relationships with family and friends is also a huge negative in a partnership.

Your partner should not be doing things like trying to take complete control of your finances or demanding access to your electronic devices like your cell phone.  There should be enough trust between you that this isn’t necessary to begin with.  So, if you find yourself in a toxic partnership, you might want to consider separating.

How do Divorces Work?

When you decide to get one, it can be a difficult thing to undertake.  That is why you might seek out a divorce lawyer in Lebanon, OH for guidance and assistance with any paperwork or case handlings.  Depending on the complexity of the circumstances, they can take on a variety of roles during this legal process.

Things will naturally go smoother if you and your ex-partner are able to make an agreement on how to split your assets without needing to take it in front of a court.  This isn’t always possible, or even wanted, in some cases.  The first thing you will do regardless is file a petition with a court for a divorce.

This sort of separation petition includes some information like your names, the names of any children involved, and the reason behind it existing.  Almost every state, if not all, do offer the option of “irreconcilable differences,” which is generally seen as less antagonistic.  However, if there is a party to blame due to cheating or abuse, that can be cited as well.

Because things can get complicated, I recommend researching your options.  Consult with your attorney, and even your ex-spouse.  Decide whether you would prefer something like an agreement of dissolution, which is generally much more amicable.

Owning a lot of property can throw a wrench into things.  It will probably be at least somewhat difficult to decide who gets what in these situations.  An even split is not always possible or even fair.  This is one reason that there are often breakdowns in communication that lead to more complex procedures being required.

If you want to learn more about the nitty-gritty of that, you can read this blog post:  Of particular concern is the issue of child custody and support.  Custody disagreements are another large source of contention.

Getting legal counsel during this process can make things go much smoother in the long-term.  While it can feel overwhelming while you’re in the middle of the divorce, it is almost always beneficial.  Staying in a situation where neither person in a relationship is happy isn’t helping anyone.

So, don’t be ashamed to get one, or afraid to initiate the process.  Have a serious discussion with your spouse beforehand if you’re comfortable doing that.  Hopefully you can reach a peaceful end, but if not, there is still hope!

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