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It's Time for You to Assert Your Legal Rights as a Father

If you have recently been divorced, you have survived a long and tedious nightmare. As a father, you should know that you have certain rights that should never be ignored. If you are currently in the divorce process, or about to be, you have an arduous struggle ahead of you. But if you get expert aid and counsel from a qualified legal professional, you can win a fair settlement.

Your Rights as the Father of Children are at Stake

You should be aware that your rights as a parent - in this case, a father - are at stake. There are many methods that your soon to be former spouse and their counsel can use in order to discredit you as a spouse and parent. They will do this in order to limit your rights to have custody of your children.

This is a maneuver that you need to put a stop to. If you don't fight back in court, the judge will tend to assume that you simply have no interest in being a part of your children's lives anymore. If they rule against you having any kind of custody or access to your children, they will grow up without you. This is why you need to hire a qualified lawyer.

The Struggle for a Fair Settlement Will Require an Expert Lawyer

In your former spouse's ideal world, you are out of the picture forever. Sure, you will still be charged the full amount of child support and any other payments they can get from you. But you won't ever be allowed to see your children again. This is the result that your former spouse and their legal counsel are determined to get.

The legal counsel that your former spouse hires will be an expert at hostile cross examination. Once they get you on the stand, they will do all in their power to try to make you contradict your own testimony or incriminate you in any manner they can. This will be a crucial test of wills that you will need the advice and representation of a legal professional to survive.

If You Want to Win Your Case, You Need an Effective Divorce Lawyer

To make an effective stand in court, you need to find a divorce and child custody lawyer, such as the ones at Cordell and Cordell, that are willing to fight on your behalf. This is a fight that you will need to win if you want to have regular access to your children. The battle will be brutal, but it can be won. What you need is a legal firm that specializes in handling the father's side of cases just like these.

Contact a Divorce and Custody Lawyer for More Info

There are a number of qualified legal firms in your area, such as Cordell Cordell, that will gladly take on your case. You can use the web to find more info concerning this type of firm and what it is able to do on your behalf. It's an excellent idea to call a legal firm and arrange for a free consultation. This is the best way to get started on winning custody of your children in a free and fair arrangement.

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