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Is Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Right For You?

By Lem Garcia

Since the rise of technology, the usage of vehicles has become rampant. Because of its convenience and its ability to help people run errands faster, car production has been on the rise. But along with its success, fatalities also increased. The number of car accidents began to rise as well, along with the increase in car production.

The number of car accidents seems to be increasing year after year. If we own a car, we cannot be sure that we are immune to these horrible predicaments. We may, at any moment, be involved in a car accident. Whether it be our fault or not, the fact will remain that we could be involved in such a situation.

California has been one of the states with the most number of car accidents each year. In fact, counties in California topped the most car accidents in the year 2017. And the number of car accidents is still on the rise, especially Oceanside, California.

In the year 2016, there had been around 2000 crashes in Oceanside alone. And the number's not decreasing at all.

Indeed, you cannot completely avoid accidents from happening. However, you can be assured that you will not be helpless at all. A z, along with his associates, is there to help you.

But do you truly need an Oceanside accident lawyer? Definitely, yes! Here are the reasons why you should not hesitate to hire a car accident lawyer in Oceanside.


When you undergo trauma, you tend to think subjectively. If you are the one severely injured, you would probably do everything to appease your situation. For most people, they are not able to logically make decisions when they are in a state of trauma. Hence, you need someone who is not emotionally involved with the situation. These legal experts can be your safeguard in dealing with your case. They can think objectively. They will only need the facts of your case. They are going to bring a knowledgeable and logical perspective to your case. In this case, you can get the settlement that you deserve.

Experience and Skills

When you are involved in an accident in which another person is at fault, you might probably be on the losing side. The other party will eventually get in touch with their insurance company and hire their lawyer to deal with the case. The worst thing that may happen is that you will be getting compensation that is less than what you deserve. Since these lawyers have ample experience and skills in negotiating, you don't need to add a burden to your injury. They will get things done for you. Of course, it will always be in your favor.

Save Time

Probably one of the most rigorous things to do is the processing of your documents and insurance. Getting involved in a car accident is more than just the pain that you are bearing. You also need to go through multiple-steps processes for you to get your compensation. And oftentimes, the injured one won't have much time to spend on those errands. This is one of the best reasons for you to hire a car accident lawyer. You just have to mind your wellbeing while your stuff is taken care of.


Not all lawyers end up in the courtroom. It is their duty always to choose the best situation for you. They will always look for other options that will make things easier, less expensive, and faster.

Have an Advantage

Whether you are at fault or not, your car accident lawyer will always work things out so it ends up in your favor. Even if you are at fault, they are still able to deal with things so that you can get the maximum benefit that you could. They are well-versed when it comes to insurance and negotiation, and they will find a way for you.

It's indeed essential for us to hire a car accident lawyer, especially if we are in such an unfortunate situation. However, there are lots of lawyers out there. It's therefore also necessary for us to select the best lawyer that will handle the case.

Your best choice would probably be someone like Lem Garcia, a renowned car accident lawyer from Oceanside.  But if you’re still unconvinced, here are some reasons why choosing their services could save you from a lot of stress.

  • Credibility - Lem Garcia graduated from a prestigious lawn school and gained his expertise over the years in service. Lem and his team had been handling different cases like motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, personal injuries, nursing home abuse, product liability, and many more.
  • Guaranteed service - Our injury attorney team based in Oceanside is working on a contingency fee basis. It means that if you don't get the best deal for you, you don't have to pay anything at all. This will ensure that the team working on your case will do their best so that you can have your most benefits. Contingency fees are dependent on the final settlement of your case.
  • More than two decades of experience - The injury attorney team of Lem Garcia in Oceanside has been helping hundreds of families for more than two decades. They are experts when it comes to almost any personal injury case. Whatever situation you may be in, you can rest assured that they've got you covered.
  • Trusted by many - One of the things that you should consider when choosing the best attorney team for your case is the feedback of their clients. It will give you a clear view of how they deal with the cases of their clients. You'll be at peace knowing that the best car accident lawyers in Oceanside, headed by Lem Garcia are working for you. They've been garnering positive feedback from their clients over the years.

It's essential to choose the best group of people that will deal with our case. We always need to keep in mind that we don't know everything. We are not experts at anything. Hence, we need to recognize that we need other people to help us get through our ordeals.

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