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How to Defend a Mail Fraud Case

When running a business or starting one, a person can get entangled in different threats and fraudulent activities either being done to them or conducting themselves. One of the prevalent fraud activities also includes mail fraud or wire fraud, which is more dominant these days. Mail fraud can happen in different settings, but a fraudulent scheme and intent to defraud are necessary to prove the act as mail or wire fraud.

For this reason, prosecutors try their best to confirm these two points so that mail fraud can be established in court as soon as possible. And in most cases, it is usually challenging to get out of a fraudulent mail case when it's easy to prove the scheme behind it and the intent to defraud. Hence if you find yourself caught up in a mail crime case if you didn't commit the crime yourself but were following orders, the subsequent are some things you need to know to get out of it:

Defenses against Mail Fraud

Just as there are elements that prove a mail fraud done by a person, the defendant can use these components and turn them against the prosecutor with the right amount of evidence. There are only a few defenses that you can use against a mail crime if you weren't involved in it too deeply. For this reason, it's essential to carefully craft a plan around the evidence that the court has to prove you of your fraud. You will need a good lawyer for this with a good reputation and prior experience with similar cases. The following are some defenses against mail fraud you can use depending on your condition:

No Intent for Fraud

Prosecutors and the court should have solid proof verifying that your intent was actually to commit the fraud. However, if you make sure to deny the claim, the court won't be able to prove your intent until they have some direct proof of it.

Not Admitting Mailing

Also, if there is no activity after once mail fraud is committed, the charges can be dropped as you tend to prove the movement wasn't intentional or engaged by you. You must verify that there was no further activity after the fraud to fulfill the activity or further defraud people. This is required to deem the defendant guilty of fraud by the court.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Dealing with a mail fraud case with all the fingers pointing at you can be hard to combat. Not to mention, such cases are also challenging to comprehend and the best strategy to prove yourself no guilty. For this reason, procuring a reliable white-collar or criminal defense lawyer can be highly advantageous. Furthermore, it's best to choose a lawyer that has good enough expertise and years of experience, like Attorney Nayib Hassan, P.A. serving in Miami.

Estimated Penalties

As a mail fraud charge needs substantial prove from the court to prove the defendant of them, such a case can be fairly easy or challenging for prosecutors to win depending on the amount of evidence. As for the penalties, if the evidence is presented and the case is proven to be fraud, you may have to serve up to twenty to thirty years in prison, depending on the crime's intensity and the maximum punishment of $250,000.

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