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Is a Car Making a Left Turn Always Held Legally Responsible for an Accident?

If you're making a left turn, it's your responsibility to wait for a break in traffic and avoid a collision. Therefore, most accidents at intersections are said to be the fault of the driver who made the left turn. But as with all rules, there are exceptions. Learn how to determine when the turning driver is liable for an accident and when someone else may be at fault.

The Laws Regarding Left Turns

According to Florida laws, a driver making a left turn needs to wait until it's safe to turn. It's your job to look for oncoming traffic and to be vigilant for cyclists and pedestrians.

However, there are other rules of the road. If another driver violates those rules, they could be at fault for the accident. All of the following situations could take the blame off of your shoulders.

The Other Vehicle is Speeding

If the other car is coming from the opposite direction and is speeding, they could be liable. Their violation of the posted speed limit makes them partially responsible. That said, it's difficult to prove that the other driver was speeding. Unless you have witnesses, you have no proof and will remain responsible in the eyes of the law.

The Other Vehicle Ignored a Red Light

If you have a green turn signal, you have every right to turn. But another driver could ignore their red light, placing them directly in your path. In this case, they would be liable for the crash.

An Unexpected Event Made You Slow Down or Stop

You might think this safe to make your turn. But as you go, you encounter an obstacle that forces you to stop or slow down. For instance, there could be a large pothole in the road. Your need to slow down could cause another driver to hit you.

Once again, you may not be to blame for the collision. The local government could be liable due to its failure to repair the pothole. In this example, you could hold them financially responsible for your bills with a personal injury claim.

Building Your Case

If you've been involved in a left-turn accident, it's important to fight for compensation. You may not be liable for the collision, and you need an experienced attorney to build your case.

They understand the challenges that come with left-turn accidents. By collecting evidence and coming up with a strategy, they'll fight to prove your innocence. More importantly, they can show that someone else caused your accident.

If you had significant injuries or vehicle damage and establish fault, you will be able to go through the other party's insurance. Then, you don't need to have your accident-related expenses hanging over your head. You can get money for your car repairs, missed earnings, and medical bills. As an added benefit, your insurance costs won't rise and you won't need to pay a high deductible.

Getting the Help You Deserve

 In Miami-Dade County, there were 65,986 car accidents in 2017. It can be difficult to establish fault in any crash, but left-turn accidents are particularly challenging for the turning driver. The insurance company will be ready to fight your claim and deny you the money to which you're entitled.

 If you're ready to fight for compensation, it's time to connect with a car accident lawyer. They'll take on your case and explain more about liability.

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