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Injury Types Covered In Personal Injury Laws

Personal injury law is a lot more common than what many think right now. There is this misconception that it is hard to find a personal injury attorney. It appeared because few people actually think about this unless a personal injury happens. According to, the number of personal injury law firms is constantly growing as there is a huge earning potential that is available right now. A lot of money can be made with just one won case. That cannot be dismissed by law firms.

The problem is that knowledge is low among people. It is very important that we first understand exactly what injury types will be covered in the personal injury laws. For instance, if you have a pinkie injury caused by a faulty pen, nobody will take the situation seriously. Various injury types are covered by personal injury law at the moment. We cannot mention absolutely all of them but we can tell you what the really common injuries are, the ones that people often file claims for.

Automobile Accidents Injuries

This is by far the most common situation in which a personal injury claim will be filed. In the event that the person that was injured was not the party at fault and there is someone else that did cause the accident through negligence or error, the injury laws do come into effect. That is especially the case in the event that the insurance policies do not actually cover all the damages that appeared. In this case we normally see compensation that would cover medical costs and potential financial losses caused by not being able to work while injured.

Slip And Fall Injuries

These are the personal injury cases covered by law that are normally not taken into account. In most situations the slip and falls will cause injuries because of the negligence of someone. A really common scenario appears in the grocery store. A spill appears and because of not cleaning it properly someone gets injured. Another example would be a walkaway that is snowy and was not salted or shoveled correctly, leading to an injury, of course. The falls that appear because of someone else and that can be proven that this is the case will result in compensation claims to be paid.

Dangerous Or Defective Products

When something is covered in this case we are normally faced with some pretty high lawsuits with compensation amounts that are really large. Just as the name implies, we talk about products that are dangerous and sold to the public or defective when they are sold. As an example, let’s think about the child car seat. If it is not created properly and the child is injured because of the chair, a personal injury law claim is going to be available to receive compensation.

What you have to remember at the end of the day is that when you are injured because of something that was the responsibility of someone else, there is a pretty good possibility that the situation is going to be covered by personal injury law.

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