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How To Negotiate Better Deals With Insurance Companies In Car Accident Injury Claims

It is incredibly difficult to negotiate a higher amount for a car accident injury when you deal with insurance companies. Unfortunately, car accident injuries are common and in many cases we see the insurance firms trying to take advantage of the situation the victims are in. that is why most people recommend that you talk with the insurance companies only together with an attorney when any injury is involved. That can improve the amounts that you receive but there are also some negotiation tactics that can be used to offer you an edge.

Determining Minimums

Before the negotiation even starts, you have to determine the exact amount that stands out as the lowest acceptable settlement deal. It is an amount that you should never discuss with the adjuster. The bottom line figures are very important because of the fact that they help you to avoid being pushed around or bullied with fake take it or leave it decisions. Do not accept that minimum amount though. You will be able to go higher in all cases.

Do Not Accept The First Offer

When car accident injuries appear you can be sure that the first offer made by the insurance company in the claim will be lower than what should be offered. Because of this it is always recommended that the first offer is not accepted. You are guaranteed to receive other offers. Insurance companies simply do all that they can in order to lowball offers and save money. Many do not know about this tactic and they will be taken advantage of. Never feel desperate. In the worst case scenario an attorney can be contacted and the car accident injury claim will still be paid.

Ask For Explanations For Low Settlements

If the offer you receive for auto accident claims is really low, the situation is basically one in which we have an adjuster that is interested in seeing exactly how much negotiation you are interested in doing. Always ask the adjuster to explain why the settlement offer is so low. When the explanation of the adjuster does not make sense, you are faced with a clear buff. That offer has to be refused instantly.

Gradually Decrease Settlement Amounts Asked

The negotiation process can be quite long and it is highly possible that the initial demand you have will need to be lowered at further points in the process. Do not go way too low in just one go. A good idea is normally to decrease the settlement with around 20% tops. The range is good as it is not lower with a significant amount and highlights the fact that you are genuinely interested in negotiating. When you drop the amount way too much, it means that you will be taken advantage of. When you do not want to go down or the amount you go down with is low, the negotiator may stop negotiations as they believe you are not interested in making a deal. Both situations are not in your best interest.

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