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How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

After an accident resulting in personal injuries, the common question that might cross your mind is, "how much is my personal injury case worth?" Various factors can determine the value of your claim. As the claimant seeking to hold an adverse party liable in your personal injury claim and subsequently receive the compensation you deserve, you will be required to consider the relevant insurance parties, injured parties in the accident, medical records, the jurisdiction where the injuries were sustained, parties like the government where applicable, etc. Therefore from the onset, it is difficult to establish the worth of your claim.

Most Denver accidents give rise to personal injury cases where parties often choose to settle their matters out of Court. However, this does not mean that such claims cannot end up in Court. The procedure used to determine a personal injury case also can contribute to the worth of your case. Working with a team of a competent team of Denver accident attorneys: Bovo Law is one of the ways through which you can maximize the benefits you receive from your case.

The worth of a personal injury case might be important to every injured person. However, most lawyers advise that focusing on building a strong case more than on its worth often leads to better results.

Here are some of the things you need to know about establishing your settlement:

There is no formula for calculating settlement

Before you file your claim either in Court or with the relevant authorities, it is important to know that there is no known accurate formula for arriving at your case's worth. Lawyers use the laid down laws and precedents when determining the settlement value. The reason being, there are no straightforward guidelines that point towards a particular amount of money to be issued to the claimant.

You can’t calculate the worth of your claim

A lawyer can help you know the estimated worth of your case once your case is ready and all material facts and evidence are in order. However, still, you will not foretell the exact amount you are due to receive. Most times, insurance companies will try to point out the loopholes in your case to reduce the amount of compensation you are likely to get. Always remember that an insurance company will always work towards finding ways of reducing your compensation. Therefore whatever information you get from the insurance company should not be a ground to demoralize you on the compensation you are to get. Once you are demoralized and give up on your case, you will likely accept any form of settlement given to you, and this will lessen your chances of getting the maximum benefit from your case.

Analyzing your medical bills and records is key to establishing the estimated worth of your case

In personal injury cases, medical reports and bills form the most relevant documentation. The more accurate your bills and records are, the higher the chances of gaining maximum value from your case. If you choose to have your case settled through Court systems, the award to be given as compensation is hard to establish even with compiled medical evidence. Different judges might give different awards for cases with similar facts, injuries, and evidence. Unlike court awards, settlement awards are more consistent because they are done devoid of judicial influence.

In general, knowing the exact worth of your case can prove a challenge. If you are looking to gain a fair award, focus on building a strong case with your lawyer's help.

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