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9 Tips to Hire an Excellent Lawyer for Drug Driving Incidents

By: Kim Hemphry

Every legal charge can negatively disrupt your life. Driving under the influence (DUI) or while intoxicated doesn’t make the situation any less critical. Penalties could include license suspension, if not the minimum jail sentence. Luckily, a drug driving lawyer can help get you off the hook or at least get you a reasonable penalty.

Here are tips that might help you hire an excellent lawyer for drug driving incidents.

List Potential DUI Attorneys

Authorities arrest at least 1.5 million drivers annually for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This shows how often such cases appear before a judge meaning there has to be someone playing defense from the state. Therefore, finding a list of experienced lawyers should be the defendant’s first thought.

The Lawyers Reputation

Testimonials will give you a glimpse of what to expect from different lawyers. How concerned is the lawyer about his or her client’s cases? How many wins and losses have they had? What trajectory did their previous cases take? It’s one thing to win such a case and another to win it rightly.

A Lawyer’s Job Experience

Many attorneys, especially those in the public defense system, tackle different cases daily. While this might be a good thing, getting a lawyer specializing in DUI cases is a better option. Such an attorney probably knows every angle that the prosecuting side could use to find a defendant guilty.

Their Professional Standing

While experience is a significant characteristic of a good lawyer, their professional standing is more important. Make sure your listed options are part of the state bar association. Lawyers from the National Association of Criminal Justice are also reliable and highly recommended.

Your lawyer should be through a recognized University and have passed the bar. Also, ensure they have a tremendous ethical reputation and have never been disbarred.

Hire a Local DUI Attorney

Any criminal lawyer can handle a DUI case in the US as long they have a license to practice within a particular state. However, there is an advantage in getting a local DUI attorney who is more centered within your state. Such a lawyer is more versed with judges and other counsel members within the state and can therefore have a better chance of getting you the results you need.

Otherwise, you could get a lawyer from a different state who will then hire a co-counsel for your local representation. However, you must be willing to incur the extra costs.

Consider Personal Recommendations

One of the easiest ways to get legal representation fast is by asking people who have personal contacts. Friends or family members might help and put in a good word, especially if you need a discount.

Consider your Previous Attorney or Law Firm

If you have had to deal with another legal matter in the past, try reaching out to your former lawyer. You probably still have a professional relationship, so there will be no point for many introductions. However, also make sure that the lawyer can handle your case just as well as the previous one and that he or she is still allowed to practice.

If none of the two conditions check out, ask for recommendations. Lawyers have a wide circle of colleagues, so it will be easier to find someone trustworthy this way.

Hire After the First In-Person Consultation

Never make a final decision on which lawyer you want to pick before meeting them in person, no matter how highly-recommended they appear. You need to be comfortable around them and ensure that they understand your current situation.

Consider Their Charges and Payment Terms

While having the best lawyer should always be your target for a DUI case, your pocket needs to correspond with your needs. If you cannot afford the best of the best, find one who still has a great chance of winning but within a reasonable legal fee.

Get a Professional DUI Attorney

Every citizen has a right to legal counsel no matter the type of charges they face. Therefore, you have the right to get the best legal help possible, even in DUI cases. Ensure that your attorney and their team work with a clear strategy to make this happen.

Are you looking for legal advice or representation for a drug driving case? Contact us today for professional assistance.

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