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How Does Personal Injury Protection Claims Help After a Car Accident?

PIP is a form of car insurance that allows you to have your medical expenses covered and in many accident cases it helps with covering any lost wages. PIP is the abbreviated version of personal injury protection which is also known as, “no-fault” coverage. This allows you to have the power of full benefits no matter who is at fault. Aside from medical expenses and lost wages, PIP also helps with covering any operations done, hospitalizations, any on-going professional care following the accident, and some at-home care depending on how bad your injuries are.

What States Require PIP Insurance?

In the United States, there are only 13 states that require driver to obtain no-fault insurance like Hawaii, Massachusetts, Kansas, Kentucky, Florida, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah and District of Columbia. Other states are optional, but is still made available to the driver if desired.

How Does a PIP Claim Work?

In the unfortunate event of a car accident, whoever was injured as a result files a PIP claim with their own insurer. Each state has their own limit of damages that PIP covers and they will pay you out up to that certain amount. In the event that your injuries exceed the amount your PIP insurance covers, you may then file a lawsuit for the extra costs directly towards the person who caused the accident.

Can A Lawyer Help with My Personal Injury Protection Claim?

If your damages surpass your states threshold of coverage, finding the right lawyer is the next step in obtaining full compensation for your injuries. Before hiring any attorney that you find it is important to understand that not every personal injury lawyer is an expert in PIP claims. Due to the differences between state laws and changing of statues, it is vital to ask your lawyer if they specialize in PIP cases. Find a lawyer that takes personal injury protection cases over all other cases. These professionals will have a fresh memory and direct focus on these cases and will know exactly if you have a good chance on winning your lawsuit.

Is No-Fault Insurance Expensive?

According to, states that are no-fault are more expensive by default. Insurance companies combat this by stating that the rates will be lower due to the limiting of the consumers abilities to collect compensation from drivers that are at fault. Turns out, applying restrictions on the number of lawsuits drivers are allowed to place did not have an effect on no-fault insurance costs.

Some factors that play into costs is the limitation of responsibility on drivers. With no-fault insurance, drivers are able to drive without the worry of repercussions in the event of an accident caused by pure negligence. The amount of people covered by, “no-fault” insurance is doubled since both sides of the accident is covered and get paid no matter what. At the end of the day, obtaining the correct legal advice is a key factor to the success of your claim. Many law firms give free consultations to determine if you have a case they can win. In the unfortunate event that your damages supersede the cost of your PIP insurance, a credible car accident attorney that specializes in PIP near you can help guide you through the misconceptions and nuances of the state’s legal system.

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