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7 qualities of an experienced family lawyer

The role of a family lawyer and is critical in society. Almost everyone at a particular stage of life will need the services of a family lawyer. The purpose of these professionals mainly includes dealing with family cases such as divorce, child and spousal support, child custody, and domestic violence. Due to strenuous situations leading to family legal battles, the services of a family lawyer are needed. The process of selecting the best lawyer can be hard. For instance, when going through a divorce, there are main issues that need to be settled. Sometimes, the assets have to be divided and depending on how much is to be divided; the process can be complex and messy. The matter can even become more complicated if there are children to be considered too. It is for this reason that families should consider seeking the services of highly qualified family lawyers who have the necessary expertise to expedite the legal process of resolving family issues. So, when you decide to seek the services of a family lawyer, make sure that you hire the right one. By picking the right lawyer, he or she needs to have the right qualities. Here are seven qualities of an experienced family lawyer that you should be looking out for.

Expertise of law

If you have to hire the services of a family lawyer, he or she should be well conversant with family law in your jurisdiction. You need to pick a lawyer who specializes specifically with the matter you are facing. It is common practice for people looking for medical attention to go to specialists in the illnesses they are suffering from. If you have a toothache, you will visit and dentist and not a pediatrician. It is the same case with the legal field. If you are facing family issues, you must seek the services of a family lawyer and not a criminal lawyer. A knowledgeable lawyer in family law need to have served for several years and has a highly successful track record of getting successful results.


Family disputes can be hard on the victims. It is therefore important to seek the services of an attorney who is compassionate to the victims. However, beyond compassion, a lawyer needs to be aggressive in pursuit of justice on behalf of the client. A lawyer who understands the pain and emotional suffering that a partner in a divorce case has gone through will be in a better position to represent a client in a court of law. A compassionate lawyer will manage to connect with the client and understand fully what they are going through and what needs to be actualized through the legal proceedings.

Previous performance

A good lawyer is one who has successfully represented other clients and recorded a good percentage of wins. Although some new lawyers also win cases, it is advisable to go with experienced, but highly successful lawyers. You should not only consider the number of years that a lawyer has practiced but the success that he or she has attained during that period. It is frequent to find lawyers who have practiced for a long time fail to win cases on behalf of the client. What this means is that such lawyers might not possess relevant qualifications, or are not interested in gains for their clients as long as they get paid. Before hiring a family lawyer, consider successful results attained. By successful results, a lawyer should prove that they managed to get their clients better deals than the prosecution would have wanted.


When facing family challenges, you will need a family lawyer who you can afford. The challenges you are facing might have plunged you into deep financial problems. You should, therefore, pick a lawyer who will reason with you and understand the situation you are facing. A good a family lawyer should not also look at the value of the property that is in contention and use that as a measure of the cost to be charged. Although high-value property will mean that such a case would involve a high stake, it is not fair for a lawyer to exploit the situation. You can judge an affordable lawyer by looking at whether they charge for consultation or not. A lawyer who will charge you for consultation is likely to be expensive.


A family lawyer should be available when you need them. You do not want to be served by a lawyer who has a tight schedule and will never have time to sit down with you and understand what is happening in your family. Family matters are stressful and need a lawyer who is ready to offer time to listen to the issues. A family lawyer should, therefore, reliable and available when needed. You want a dependable lawyer who you can be confident that he will show up during the hearing of your case.


A family lawyer should apply professionalism at all times. It does not matter the personal relationship that they hold with other family members. If you have hired him in a case where he will have to go against the needs of a partner or other family members, they should be in a position to deliver exactly what you need. Personal relationships should not influence legal professionalism. It is the role of a lawyer to represent the interests of the person who have hired the services.


A good family lawyer should possess good communications skills. Legal proceedings involved a lot of communication, both oral and written and therefore communication skills should be considered when hiring a lawyer. You need a lawyer who will listen to you and who will fluently and aggressively make great presentations in court. You should avoid lawyers who ignore your questions or who offer inadequate responses.

If you consider these seven qualities when looking for a family lawyer, you will be on your way to getting the right to legal representation. For family legal services, visit

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