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How do legal headhunters work?

After several unsuccessful attempts to land a legal job on your own, you may consider changing your tactic and going through a legal headhunter to find the ideal occupation. And this decision may work in your favor since legal recruiters have a wide network of contacts and information on open positions to which you may not have access.

Recruiters tend to be used by large law firms and corporations when they have the need to find the exact candidate for a position. They provide the headhunter with a detailed explanation of the required qualifications and experience and are willing to pay a price to get them. This means that you will not have to pay to get the job.

How do legal headhunters find the right candidate for each position?

To fill all available jobs, legal headhunters contact the interested people directly either through what is called “cold calling” or from candidates that approach them directly. Many people contact recruiters even if at the moment they are not interested in switching jobs. They view this as planting a seed for the future, should the need arise for them to look for a new job. It is a smart way to develop a list of recruiters to whom you may reach out in the future.

Working with a Legal Headhunter

When you receive a cold call from a legal headhunter  regarding an available job you will most likely start the process through an initial conversation. At this time, the recruiter will get to know you and take pertinent notes on you, your education, and the legal experience you have. You should also take this opportunity to find out more about the headhunter, the type of legal jobs they specialize in, and, particularly, the position for which you are now being considered. Also, getting to know the person that will be submitting your resume to the employer will give you peace of mind about the seriousness of the process.

At other times, the recruiter may reach out to you and want to meet you to have your references ready should the appropriate job open up. Take advantage of this unexpected meeting to find out more about the employer relationship this headhunter maintains. It is common for people looking for legal jobs to work with more than one recruiter in order to find the perfect match when it comes to a position.

If you decide to work with more than one legal headhunter, keep a detailed file on what jobs each one is submitting your materials to. You don’t want to have your information appear at the employer’s office more than once. You can expect your candidacy to be linked to that legal headhunter for about six months to a year.

Be in Charge of Your Search

Ultimately, it is in your own best interest to find that perfect job. Your recruiter needs to have a clear idea of both who you are and the type of job you are looking for. Together, you can design the most appropriate search strategy. Having a strategy in place from the outset will ensure that your materials are never sent to employers that do not match your interests or experience. Also, you may ask your legal headhunter to send your information only to places that have openings.


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