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How can personal Injury Attorney Help You

A personal Injury Attorney is a professional that can deal with the cases of injuries or accidents where you are liable for compensation. The attorneys at Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer can help ensure that your claim can be handled effectively if you were injured by another person or company. Contact today for free case evaluation.

You might be seriously injured and those injuries might easily fall within the domain of personal injury law, but how can a personal injury attorney help you with this?

Following are the few things that a personal injury lawyer can do for you

Offer you legal protection of your rights

Any accident or injury that hinders your daily life may disrupt you not only physically but mentally as well. You may need time to rest back and focus on your recovery. However it is easier said than done considering the recovery may require a lot of medical costs. These costs may vary from case to case and procedure to procedure but over time they are spent upon treatments, doctors, medicines, nurses, surgeries or any other physical or mental therapy sessions that may be required.This means you are likely to have heaps of medical bills pile up and moreover you may even be visited by the police officers for answers. This can heavily disrupt the time that you should be spending upon healing. The most annoying one would be the liability insurance companies who may be determined to figure out a way so that they don’t have to pay you anything. They aren’t the only ones, there may be other people who would want to know as well especially if the incident occured within the domain of your workplace. There can be way more discrepancies that you would end up dealing with depending upon the accidents and who has to be liable for it. This can completely ruin the peace of your post-accident days. It may seem like you are able to handle the case on your own but do remember that in a state of recovery this is not easy to do so. This is where the personal injury lawyer can carry out your tasks as your legal representative. They can intervene and deal with people for you and ensure that your case is handled within compensation while you focus on recovery.

Free Case Consultations

Most of the personal injury attorneys offer free consultations. Attorneys may turn to using hard sale tactics where it can get really hard to leave the office without signing the contingency fee though you don’t owe them for free consultation. You can literally tell them that you want a simple consultation and would like to consult other attorneys as well before you come to any conclusions. These consultations can be used to get a lot of information upon the processes and things that you can do with your case. Moreover, the attorneys ideas within this free consultation can help you decide whether or not you want them to handle your case. If they don’t even answer your questions properly then they might not be the right choice for your case. Make sure to list down all of your questions for this session so that you can get a proper insight over your case and decide whether or not you want to go for a specific attorney.

Handling First Party Coverages

Your attorney can handle the first party coverages for you which are the ones that are within your own policies and are meant to maximize your recovery claims. You aren’t necessarily required to subrogate these coverages depending upon your health insurance policies. The medical payments coverage and the health insurance coverage can be used for the reduction of your medical bills. They can be used to benefit from the provider discounts on these policies. Handling these complicated processes may require a lot of knowledge over handling these cases. Attorneys can ensure that you are able to fully utilize these coverages to your advantage. This can save you from thousands of dollars that may be spent upon recovery.

Handling the subrogation liens of insurance

If your medical bills are paid by your health insurance then they may uphold the subrogation liens for this. These Liens may involve Federal ERISA Law or not but even if they are involved, an attorney can still help you in reducing those liens. This may require a lot of technical arguments for reducing or removing these health insurance liens. This is something that may not be easy for a layman to handle on their own.  Not only are they complicated but also time consuming and it is better to let a professional handle this for you.

Handling the stressful work

The post accident period should be spent entirely on recovery rather than handling all sorts of medical or legal stress. Hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you over an injury claim can greatly reduce your stress. In case of property damages, do consult your attorney whether or not they handle property damage cases considering many of them don’t as it involves a lot of effort and sometimes no compensation. If they don’t then they are not providing full services for their contingency fees. Full service on contingency fee should undertake property damages as well. This is why attorney representation has a lot of benefits.

Statute of Limitations

If you are not represented by a personal injury attorney for your case, you are more likely to fall victim to the Statutes of Limitations. These can completely remove your chances of getting your claims. The case needs to be filed in the appropriate court and within the relevant Statute of Limitations in order to avoid these statutes from being blown and extinguishing your claims. This means that you can lose your rights to sue the other party. Different statutes may apply to different claims and your attorney can ensure to protect your interest in both and handle these cut-off dates for you.

Knowledge of laws of compensation and insurance

Attorneys have knowledge of both the compensation laws and the insurance laws. They can advise you on what kind of compensation you may be entitled to and what course of actions you need to take for it. There may be a lot of complicated scenarios including wage loss and compensation both of which may require an attorney to handle your case. Having the knowledge of insurance laws and policies even adds to the reasons you may want them by your side.

Negotiation and settlements

The attorney is not just able to negotiate for compensation but can also put pressure on insurance carriers that a normal person can not. They tend to have more negotiating power and can sue the insurance companies if the claim is not handled fairly. They can also help you in making the decisions of settlements or filing lawsuits. Moreover they can be your representation in court. Many people don’t understand that not hiring one can really advance the court costs and expenses for you. They can also ensure that you are not unpresented in front of large companies and can fight big entities.


Personal injury attorneys have experience on their hands which allows them to handle many difficult tasks like accident reconstructions especially if liability of multiple drivers is involved and may need an expert. Moreover they are just as experienced as your insurance companies that may try to auto handle accident claims. They may also try to take advantage of the unrepresented claimants and put you under a lot of financial pressures. They may even try to pay you under insurance especially where your claim can be above their insured limits. An experienced attorney knows how to deal with underinsurance, insurance limitations and exclusions. In cases where the adverse party dies or may be there us a third party liability, attorneys know better to handle your claims and ensure your compensation. Their experience gives them an edge over handling your accidents claims and compensation.

Someone to consult

Having to deal with a personal injury and filing a claim can be a hard process. Victims may often miss out on this due to their lack of knowledge or because they want to avoid the hassle that is involved. Personal injury lawyers can be your consultant in these cases since they know how these cases work and how much you are liable for. Dealing with such cases on your own can be a complete hassle and you are more likely to give erroneous information that may not help with your case. Having someone to consult by your side at each step can be not only relaxing but can also ensure that you get the compensation that you are liable for.


Hiring a personal injury attorney can help you deal with the post accident period where you may be disturbed by medical bills, investigations or insurance companies. This healing period can be eased by a personal injury attorney who can act as your legal representation before court and help you get the compensation that you deserve. Not having a legal representation by your side can really have a negative impact upon your case considering you may be under-compensated or even tricked by insurance companies. An attorney can help you with the decisions and the processes involved in these cases.

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