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How Are Truck Accidents Different From Car Accidents?

Anyone who has ever seen a news report featuring a truck accident will immediately realize that it is a far different beast from a car accident. The sheer size and weight of the truck, and the destruction and damage that it can cause are the biggest differences of course. However, there are other, less noticeable factors that make a truck accident different from a car accident. You will find out those differences here, but if you have been in a truck accident in the Houston area, then you should contact truck accident lawyer Jeremy O. Fjeld to get the help you need.

How a Truck Accident Is Different From a Car Accident

There are many ways in which a truck accident differs from a car accident, these are the most important ones.

They Cause a Greater Amount of Damage

Semi trucks are already extremely heavy vehicles that can cause a lot of damage and destruction on their own should they ever get out of control. When you consider that many are carrying fully loaded trailers, the amount of possible destruction increases exponentially. Whether the truck crashes into other traffic, into property, or both, the damage it can cause can be catastrophic.

They Cause More Severe Injuries

The injuries to occupants of any vehicles hit by the truck can be extremely serious as well because the size and weight of the truck dwarfs that of any standard vehicle. The result is that hospital stays are longer and medical bills are more expensive. That means any victims of a truck accident need more compensation because they will likely have higher medical expenses and will probably miss work for a longer period of time, which results in a greater amount of lost wages.

There is also a higher chance that the truck accident can cause a fatality. The occupants of any vehicle hit by a truck can either die during the accident or succumb to their injuries at a later time. In either case, it is up to those closest to the deceased to hire a personal injury attorney and file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Trucks Have Bigger Insurance Policies

The larger size and interstate movement of trucks means that they have much larger insurance policies than regular passenger vehicles. Those larger policies mean that the insurance carriers will be far more reluctant to pay any claims. They will send their top insurance adjusters to go over the scene with a fine-toothed comb in order to try and reduce the liability of their client. The insurance company will attempt to place all, or some, of the blame on the victim of the accident in order to deny or significantly reduce their claim. That is why a personal injury attorney with experience in truck accidents is necessary to help you counteract the tactics of the truck’s insurance company.

Trucks Have Different Regulations

The number of trucking regulations number in the hundreds, which is understandable because they are huge, complex vehicles that regularly cross state lines. These regulations include how long the driver is allowed to work, the maintenance of logbooks, safety reports, vehicle inspections, and much more. These regulations can make any claims involving trucks very complicated, which is why an attorney experienced in truck accidents is necessary to navigate any claims.

You Need An Experienced Truck Accident Attorney To Help You

As you can see, a truck accident can be a complicated affair because of the high insurance premiums and the complex regulations involved. Those factors can make receiving the compensation necessary after a truck accident, a long and grinding affair. Considering how serious the injuries and destruction caused by a truck accident can be, it is likely that you will need as much compensation as you are owed to take care of the expenses related to the truck accident.

That is why it is necessary to hire a personal injury attorney with experience in truck accidents to represent you in such a case. They will be familiar with all of the rules and regulations involved in truck accidents and will give you the best chance of receiving the compensation that you need.

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