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Five Signs You Need to Hire an Attorney

No one wants to have to hire an attorney. It’s not necessarily because of the stereotypes surrounding this profession or how much retaining one can cost, although these things can sometimes cause stress. Instead, hiring an attorney is often a stressful experience because it means something has gone wrong, or because you want to prevent something from going wrong in the near future.

Just because you hire an attorney doesn’t mean you are admitting defeat. Lawyers can be extremely helpful in many areas of your life. The trick is knowing exactly when you should give one a call.

You Aren’t on the Friendliest Terms With the Other Party

In a perfect world, the person or party you’re having a dispute with would step up to the plate and help you take care of business, whatever that business may be. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case.

Situations where you may find that the other party isn’t willing to cooperate include:

  • A motorcycle accident where the other driver is at fault
  • Vehicle defects that cause an accident on the road
  • A contentious divorce that involves child custody
  • A friend or relative who refuses to pay you back

Whether it’s a friend, a relative, or a company that is involved, hiring a lawyer can neutralize discussions and help you achieve the outcome you deserve.

Your Insurance or Workplace Has Failed You

Workplace injuries aren’t as uncommon as you might think. You expect your employer and your insurance to be there in times of need, but they are often absent when you need them most. An attorney can help.

Whether you fell, were injured in a car accident while you were on the clock, or you were injured in a machine accident, you deserve compensation that enables you to get the medical care you need while being able to pay the bills, all without having to go back to work until you’re fully healed.

Many insurance companies and workplaces will try and short change you to save a buck. With help from an attorney, you can get every penny you’re owed.

You Don’t Have a Lot of Time to Fill Out and File Paperwork

Legal documents are frustratingly complicated. You could be experiencing the simplest divorce on the friendliest terms and still find yourself confused by all the paperwork, when it needs to be submitted, and where you need to take it. Not only do you run the risk of filling out the paperwork improperly, you may simply not have the time. It can take hours upon hours to figure out how to fill out the paperwork and actually do it.

Hiring an attorney can save you a lot of time and frustration. When you hire an attorney who specializes in your kind of case, you can bet they have filled out page after page of documentation and know exactly how to do it right. Then, they’ll submit all the necessary legal documents on your behalf so you don’t need to.

You’re Confused or Need Reassurance

Whether it’s a divorce, an injury, or you’re starting a company and want to make sure all your ducks are in a row, figuring everything out on your own can be stressful. You likely have a lot of questions and concerns that could easily be answered by an attorney.

You may even be able to get your answers for free! Most legal offices offer free consultations, and you may be able to find free advice from qualified attorneys online. Not only can they put your mind at ease, but you may discover that after receiving their advice, you don’t need to hire someone to represent you after all.

You Want to Avoid a Potentially Life-Altering Outcome

If you’re charged with a crime, you definitely need a lawyer. Making sure you have qualified counsel can greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome, which could very well include avoiding or reducing jail time.

Just don’t make the mistake of thinking jail time is the only life-altering outcome you want to avoid. If you’re dealing with a contentious divorce with a spouse who wants to take the kids or you want to make sure a business deal doesn’t go sour, you need to hire legal services from a qualified attorney.

Hiring an attorney isn’t nearly as scary as it seems on the surface. Hiring the right person to represent you can put your mind at ease and help you achieve a favorable outcome in a wide variety of situations.

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