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DUI Simple Guides To Follow: Is a DUI a serious misdemeanor?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited especially for minors. However, many reckless drivers still commit this crime. A possibility of ALR or Administrative License Revocation will take place, and it requires ALR hearing questions that you need to attend. Hiring a lawyer who is specialized in such case is a huge help to prevent a bigger issue. But, of course, prevention is the best solution. So when an officer pulls you for suspect alcohol influence while driving, make sure to coordinate especially if you really under the control of it. In this article, we will tackle some things you need to do to prevent a further investigation of a court appearance. So make sure to be minded of the list below. 

Behave Well

Avoid being arrogant, always be polite. The officer in uniform pulls you over due to some reasons, and one is the possibility of DUI. So better behave or else, misbehaving will indicate that you are not on your right mind while driving. Respect for the person who is in authority, always answer politely and comply with each question you will be asking of.

Comply to Instructions

If the officer says so, follow. There is no room for disagreement. If you are filed due to DUI, better saved the fight inside the court and called your lawyer once and for all.

Comply with The Proper Tests

There may be some tests that needed to be performed such as an eye test. Visual impairment is a result of high alcohol presented in the blood, so if you are drunk at that time, better be cooperative. Other clues might be a giveaway, so it is ideal to comply with every test. For other tests, it will include a breath and blood test. When you are asked for a breath test, make sure to know your rights first. Refuse, do not give in if this will be your first offense, call a lawyer immediately. Just the same thing with a blood test, chances are there will e a human error so make sure that your lawyer will be able to assist you before performing such tests. 

Exercise the Right to Remain Silent

Yes, anything you say can be used against you so stay quiet and let your lawyer handle it. But make sure, to be honest with your DUI lawyer

Make sure to stay calm during the entire process, you are not guilty so remain relaxed, and everything will be alright. If the officer finds you positive with alcohol influence, a Butler Law Firm lawyer will defend you in court. 

Is Driving Under the Influence a serious misdemeanor?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous; however, there are times that it is inevitable such as an emergency situation or you take a sip from a party. Though it isn’t really considered as a serious misdemeanor but it may affect you in the future since it will be visible if someone did a background check on you. So better be careful with your driving and if you get caught for this offense make sure to contact an attorney from firms that specializes in this case and are DUI experts.


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