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Do You Qualify For Disability Benefits?

Qualifying for SSD or SSI disability benefits is a matter of proving your case through substantial medical and vocational evidence, combined with a rational argument based on the Social Security Administration. You can ask the help of a SSD lawyer from your state that can assist you with all the difficult regulations you have to follow.

There are two types of programs administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA):

  • The Social Security Disability
  • The Social Security Income

There is a list of medical impairments with details regarding the approval criteria, but even so, most claims are not approved (because most people do not provide irrefutable medical evidence). In most situations, winning or losing the case depends on the ability to prove you have functional limitations that make work activity impossible.

In the SSD and SSI system, if you’ve been diagnosed with a condition, it does not automatically mean your case will be approved. Everything depends on how this condition affects you, the limitations it creates, your ability to engage in normal daily activities, and how you perform your work activity. But all people potentially qualify for receiving disability benefits through at least one disability program, if they can do the following:

  1. You can prove that you have at least one medical impairment (with objective medical evidence).
  2. Prove that your condition creates some types of limitations which make it impossible for you to return to your former workplace.
  3. Prove that you cannot switch to some other type of work that would suit you if not for your combination of medical factors.
  4. Prove your condition lasted for more than one full year and was severe enough that you were not able to work. (It is not necessary for you to wait the whole year before applying).

All the people who file for disability benefits must follow the same medical disability processes. The best way of making sure you will receive SSD or SSI is to get the help of a personal injury lawyer. Without the help of an attorney, it is close to impossible to follow the regulations correctly and get your case approved.

For more information about the disability benefits and your case, you can contact the best Annapolis injury lawyer for a free consultation of your case!

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