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Do You Have a Valid Slip-And-Fall Injury Claim?

A slip-and-fall accident may have severe consequences. A brief moment of not paying attention, and you can end up falling and hurting yourself. Depending on your lifestyle, this type of accident can have disastrous effects on your life. For example, if you are a pianist and suffer a slip-and-fall arm injury, you will no longer be able to perform, putting in danger your entire career. After your injury, it is best to consult a slip-and-fall injury lawyer and determine if you can file a slip-and-fall injury claim to receive compensation for your treatment, pain, and suffering, and for lost wages.

Slip-And-Fall Injury Treatment

To be able to receive slip-and-fall compensation, you have to prove that your accident happened on another person’s/company’s property and that you got injured because of the owner’s negligence.

Depending on the severity of your slip-and-fall injury, the recovery time and type of treatment may differ. The most common type of injuries suffered in a slip-and-fall accident are the ankle and the wrist sprain.

  • Suffering a sprain will hurt the ligaments, but the bones will not suffer any damage. The pain may be significant, but in less than a month you will be healed.
  • Fractures, on the other hand, happen when one or more bones get broken, without penetrating the skin. This type of injury takes longer to heal, and in some more severe cases, you will need to undergo surgery to place the bones in their correct position. It will take longer to recover from a fracture (at least three weeks).
  • Soft tissue injury is the injury suffered by tendons and cartilages, which has the potential of weakening the joints. In most cases, after hurting the soft tissue, you will require physical therapy.

Slip-And-Fall Compensation

The first thing you have to do after a slip-and-fall accident is to get a check-up by a medical to determine if you’ve suffered any damage. If you were hurt in any way, the doctor will give you a paper describing your injury. This document represents crucial evidence proving that you were injured in the slip-and-fall accident.

With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can file a slip-and-fall injury claim and gather all the evidence you need to prove the property owner’s negligence and receive the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve suffered a slip-and-fall injury on another party’s property and it was not your fault, you should contact the best Annapolis injury lawyer for a free consultation of your case!

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