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Dangers of Working at a Refinery

Working in an oil refinery is a dangerous job, and all workers should always stay alert at all times. Many jobs are dangerous, and only the people who work around the oil industry know the dangers they face every day. Refineries have hazards that can change a person's life in the blink of an eye. Since oil is flammable and can burn for extended periods, burn hazards should always be on the lookout and protect oneself. Also, while dealing with fire and explosions, asbestos is another problem workers face in a refinery. As long as the asbestos is not airborne, it should not be a problem. The heat and chemicals around the asbestos can make it an issue that can ruin a person's health and cause early death. Those who work in a refinery should always have a refinery explosion lawyer available to call or their family to call should something happen. 

Severe Burns

Everyday life can be dangerous. For those who work in an oil refinery, the risk is tripled every day. All workers are required to wear Fire Retardant Clothing, FRCs. There is an extreme amount of heat in an oil refinery. That heat has to stay at a certain level, and pressures must be maintained for everyone's safety. Oil is flammable and can burn for days. At any given moment, burns can be from minor to life-threatening in a matter of seconds. A refinery explosion lawyer knows the livelihood of what these people face every day. 

Employers should always have their workers' health at the top of their priorities. A small fire can break out at any moment and burn a worker, but dealing with chemicals and highly flammable liquids can turn a small fire into a massive explosion, killing hundreds and causing evacuations for those who may live around a refinery. With a burn, one or a few workers may be affected, but that burn can turn into an explosion, which will affect hundreds of people. Everything has to be in place and in order 24/7, no questions asked, and no excuses. It is up to safety and the employers to see to this frequently. 


Many times, accidents happen where there is no turning back the clock to make things right. Safety should always override the operation at all times and at all costs. That is what the "Stop Work Authority" means. Suppose a person sees the danger of an explosion. In that case, they own it, and it is their responsibility to shut the job completely down for everyone's life's sake. 

Remember the Deep Water Horizon explosion that shook everyone to the core and killed several men aboard the platform? That is the most prominent example which happened in 2010. Money and the project became more important than the lives aboard the platform. The supervisors and the upper management knew about the hazard they were about to face. They pushed the job through anyway. These refinery explosion lawyers know how to handle these significant companies when greed gets the better of them. Many lives could have been saved, and no one injured that day if protocol and safety measures were followed. The families' victims would much rather have their loved ones back. Still, the millions of dollars rewarded punish the companies for their actions or lack of actions.


Asbestos is another one of the most prominent dangers oil refinery workers face daily. Asbestos is used to contain fire because it is a substance that does not burn quickly. It may save lives on that note, but the long-term effects are just as deadly. Asbestos exposure has been proven to cause a lung disease called Mesothelioma. The particles of the asbestos become airborne if disturbed. As the person inhales it, its particles become attached to the lungs. It makes it difficult for the person to breathe, and over time they develop cancer to which there is no cure. 

Many medical achievements were made to help prolong the lives of those who came into contact with asbestos. Still, with the chemicals, heat, and harsh environment of working in an oil refinery, many have found themselves people with lung cancer. The oil industry is no stranger to lawyers and lawsuits. It is a life-threatening job, but it is a job we need in our society. If the proper precautions are taken, all the hazards can be almost eliminated. Hats off to those who live the life of those dangerous conditions every day. The lawyers who handle cases know precisely how they feel.

All of The Cases

Thousands of cases have been drawn up against the oil industry for decades of negligence. These days, they have gotten better at putting their workers over money and projects. It is sad it took the Deep Water Horizon incident and others like it to make people aware of the dangers faced at the hands of negligence. The lives lost cannot be brought back, and the money is worthless compared to the loved ones lost. The world can only hope the victims' families get some form of relief from the substantial amount of compensation awarded to them. The explosions are not the only thing that the lawyers go after. It is also the after-effects once those mishaps take place in the environment. It is the oil spills and the contaminants that are airborne for days, if not weeks.

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