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Advantages Of Knowing Employment Law

Employment laws are the laws laid down in a country to protect employees from unfair or harsh treatment from employers. They cover a wide range of areas such as discrimination, working overtime, nature of the working environment, appropriate pay, sick leaves and even work regulations for aliens.

Employment law is one area of law that is very dynamic as the creation and adjustment of new and existing laws occurs on a regular basis. These are to suit the dynamic nature of the working environment, which is also ever changing giving into account factors such as globalization and the vibrant forces in capitalism. The law tries to keep pace ensuring that nothing is left to chance and all workers are well covered.

The history of employment laws

Employment laws have not always existed. Necessity is the mother of invention, it is the ill nature of working conditions during the industrial revolution and the wars period, that necessitated drafting of these laws.  Prior to this, workers were subjected to many inhuman conditions that resulted in the death of many.

Those who escaped death got chronic illnesses and body complications out of working in areas exposed to harmful chemical without protection, long working hours without pay and discrimination. The legal protection for employees that ensued after this dark era has seen the rise of various legislation bodies and workers unions that ensure workers get their piece and peace.

Today's application of the employment laws

Today, there are many instances where an employee can sue their employer under the employee law. As an employee, one should know that the wide berth given by the law does not equate to persecution of employers. Such claims should be filed when there is sufficient reason and evidence to do so but not after every disagreement with your employer. Many a times the employee is on the wrong. However, if you have even the remotest suspicion that your rights at the workplace have been violated do not hesitate to consult an employment law solicitor.

An employment solicitor is a lawyer who is well conversant with the employment laws of your country and is in the best position to advise you where workplace injustices are concerned. Once you get a good solicitor from a reputable firm, you need to provide them with all information pertaining to your case with all honesty to enable them build a strong case. They will then represent you as you make your employment compensation claim.

Most commonly broken employee laws

Three particular claims hold dominance in employment law and take priority when it comes to filing claims. These are constructive, unfair dismissal claims and workplace discrimination. Constructive dismissal involves a situation where the worker feels forced to leave the workplace arising from the employer’s unlawful or incorrect behavior.

Unfair dismissal on the other hand occurs when the employer terminates the contract yet the worker’s performance has nothing to do with it.  Similar to this is workplace discrimination, whereby the worker receives different treatment socially or financially either due to race, color, sex, gender, pregnancy and other variables. If any of the above can be proven with sufficient evidence, then you as the worker stand to receive compensation. 

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