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Actions to take after a car accident to strengthen grounds for claiming injury compensation

If you or your loved ones face an auto accident and receive injuries due to the negligence of the other party involved in the accident you should consider it a widespread incident prevalent in metropolitan areas.  However, you must immediately exercise the right of the injured and seek legal aid for claiming compensation for the injuries and allied damages.  In addition to compensating for the injuries, you have the right to claim compensation for damages to property under the guidance of the Law Office of Gregory Price. The compensation results from the settlement of the victim’s car accident claim with the insurance company of the offending party and in some cases through a legal procedure or lawsuit.

What you should do to protect your rights and ensure that the claim process goes through smoothly will become apparent on reading this article.

Document the accident scene in detail

Depending on the nature of accident and the injuries to people, medical attention might be the priority in the aftermath of car accident. However, if the injury is not much serious, you must take some quick action to ensure that your claim filing is authentic by documenting the scene of the accident as correctly and in as much detail as possible. It should include the moments that led to the accident, and you must focus on gathering witnesses that becomes crucial for winning your claim.

Gather witnesses

Talk to witnesses and gather as much information as possible including their contact details. Know from them if they would be willing to make verbal or written statements. Try to gather from them what they saw happen and solicit information as well as ask questions.

Call the police

To make the documentation stronger, call the police immediately after the crash because a police report is more acceptable to attorneys and insurance claim adjusters. The offending party might try to keep the police away, but you must not allow it. Protecting your rights and going for the claim should be your priority unless the injuries are too serious. The police report often includes the evidence of fault and provides documentation of the scene of accident.

Take photographs of the scene

Take extensive pictures of the scene to support the process of documentation and ensure that you can reference the dates of the photographs to maintain authenticity. Ask help from witnesses to take pictures in case you do not have a camera phone or camera with you. Besides taking snaps of the scene and the damages to the vehicles of both parties to take photos of the injuries of the affected persons. Take pictures of traffic lights in case there is any relation to the accident.

Seek medical attention

Get the injuries treated and keep a record of the treatment procedures together with the medical bills and doctor's note that form part of the evidence of injuries. The medical records bear evidence of your physical condition.

Having gone through the above get repair estimates for the damage to your vehicle. Try to get two or three estimates so that you can avoid independent inspection that insurance claim settlers often seek.

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