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Personal Injuries

Any injuries causing bodily harm, pain, or mental distress are personal injuries, depending on the level of negligence or intention. The victim can decide to file for compensation or come to a settlement with the other party. The victim has the right to compensation, whether it was intentional or not, and will require the help of a lawyer. Provo personal injury lawyers are rated the best in this field and will offer you excellent services. Personal injuries can be brought on three grounds which are discussed below.

Intentional torts

Intentional torts occur when a person intentionally causes another person harm or injury. Intention tort often results in a civil suit between the parties and must be proven in court. There are many different types of intentional torts, and some are discussed below.

  •         False imprisonment

A plaintiff can bring a tort case if the defendant intentionally confined them for some time, the confinement can be physical or through giving false statements.

  •         Assault

Assault occurs when someone causes bodily harm to another convincingly. It is important to note that assault does not consist of words without action.

  •         Battery

A person commits battery if he intentionally causes harm or offensive contact to another person either causing bodily injury or mental distress. A single act can lead to offenders facing civil liability and criminal charges for a single action.


Negligence usually occurs when a person is careless and reckless, resulting to someone getting hurt. People must conduct themselves in a way that conforms to a certain standard of conduct as per negligence law.

To prove that there was negligence, the plaintiff must show an actual connection between the defendant's conduct and the resulting harm and whether the injury was foreseeable. An example is when a store owner does not put a wet floor sign and someone trips and breaks their legs.

Strict liability

Strict liability mostly is from contraband products. It holds the person liable for any damages or injuries caused by their product even though they were not at fault. The injured party has to show that the hazardous products caused them the injuries; hence they do not have to prove their case in court. Strict liability has three general categories. These are; product liability, keeping dangerous animals, and creating abnormally hazardous activities.

Apart from personal injuries, below are some individual injury cases.

Aviation accident

Aviation accidents are the most severe injuries, leading to death or severe injuries.

Auto or traffic accidents

Most of the roads accidents result from the drivers' negligence of the road signs and laws.

Boating accidents

Lack of proper water equipment like life jackets can lead to a claim of negligence against the boat owner.

Animal bite injury

Bite injuries mainly entail dog bites as the most reported cases though other domesticated animals like birds, ferrets, and cats might also bite humans.

If the plaintiff is successful in their claim, they receive compensation for personal injury. Personal injury cases have a given amount of time in which you must file a personal injury lawsuit, after which, if you file the lawsuit, it will be thrown out.

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