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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Attorney for Wrongful Dismissal

Losing a job in the current state of the economy is devastating. But being dismissed from a job due to circumstances beyond control is devastating on a whole other level. As a result, individuals may develop frustration and anger, which can negatively affect their career and personal lives.

Many employees are unaware of their rights when they are wrongfully terminated, so they don't question it. The company may not have provided them with adequate compensation or notice, so they are unaware of their options to challenge the dismissal. Sudden and wrongful termination is against the law, and you can take steps to challenge that decision with the help of an attorney. Before diving into why you need an attorney for wrongful dismissal, let's first discuss what qualifies as wrongful dismissal.

What is wrongful dismissal? 

If you have not done anything that goes against the company’s policy and they still fire you without an explanation, it is considered a wrongful dismissal. However, if you are fired after receiving proper notice, it will be considered a proper dismissal. Similarly, if the company compensates you with a package, the dismissal is legal.

It is not necessary to despair in the event of unfair dismissal, as you may have a valid case and you are adequate to acquire the services of an unfair dismissal lawyer.

Reasons to hire an attorney for wrongful dismissal 

The process of finding a lawyer for wrongful dismissal cases is not difficult, but you need to find one who is well-versed in the laws. To help you through these stressful times, you will need a reputable and trustworthy attorney. You can hire an attorney for several reasons, such as:

  1. Consultation 

Dismissals are stressful, and filing a claim for wrongful dismissal without strong evidence can backfire. However, it is beneficial to have a reliable attorney in mind, as you can set up an appointment to consult with them. You can openly lay out the truth about your situation, and they can guide you on if you have a strong case to pursue. Let's say you violated the company's policy and were dismissed without notice or compensation. In that situation, a lawyer can help you find the best option available.

Remember that a skilled and reliable lawyer is most likely very busy, so you will most likely have to pay for their consultation. Nevertheless, a single session may help you determine whether you have a chance of winning your case or not.

  1. Expert’s advice 

Attorneys who handle cases involving employment and wrongful dismissals have extensive experience and insider knowledge. If you think your case is difficult or unique, the chances are that your lawyer has already dealt with something similar. Therefore, talking to a lawyer for expert advice will help you strategize about proceeding if you are truly the victim in this case. Due to the repetitive nature of legal cases, lawyers are able to guide you through these challenging times and offer advice on the best course of action.

In any case, if you feel uncomfortable seeking legal advice and find it difficult to tell the truth honestly, remember that lawyers don't judge. Their role is to guide and advise their client, not to become the moral police.

  1. Ensures professionalism 

It is human nature to make mistakes. If you were dismissed from the company for something humiliating and worry that it will negatively affect your professional and personal life, fear not. Employment lawyers know how to handle every case with discretion, confidentiality and maintain professional decorum throughout the proceeding.

The ideal situation is to leave the details in the hands of your lawyers, as they know best how to get your rightful compensation while keeping the whole matter quiet and discreet.

  1. A trustworthy resource 

A lawyer always has their client’s best interests in mind, and they work to achieve those interests with everything they’ve got. Therefore, you can trust your lawyer with all the documents and evidence throughout your case proceedings for processing and safekeeping. Moreover, your lawyer will help you clean your record to move ahead in your career without any issues.

  1. Understanding your employment contract 

If you signed an employment contract at the beginning of your employment, then it must contain some information about termination and expansion of employment. Regulations perhaps pertain to the amount of notice or compensation the company is obligated to give before laying you off. Lawyers are responsible for reviewing your employment contract carefully and advising you whether your case will stand up in court. Additionally, they will give you advice on whether your employer violated the contract and how to use it in court.

  1. Evaluating your employer’s offer 

Your lawyer can tell you whether the notice of dismissal or any compensation you received from your employer is sufficient. Consult your lawyer before accepting a settlement or severance package from your employer. There is a high probability that the termination package is unfair, and you deserve much more. The lawyer ensures that you get the amount you deserve as well as all the benefits and bonuses that come with the deal.

  1. To deal with the company

You may find it difficult to go against your former employer, especially if they run a large corporation and have a team of lawyers ready to defend them. Likewise, if the employer has intimidated you through wrongful conduct, such as harassment, bullying, or discrimination, then it will be difficult to face them during legal proceedings. In order to assist you in the process, your lawyer communicates with you and negotiates for you.


After you have been wrongfully dismissed from your job, hiring an experienced attorney is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it is a smart choice if you want to subdue your anger and frustration while gaining benefits from such unfortunate circumstances. It is best to consider hiring a wrongful dismissal lawyer, who can help you reverse that decision or obtain hefty compensation for the dismissal. 

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