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7 Misconceptions about Domestic Violence

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There are many different misconceptions about the state of domestic violence in society. It is a serious issue that is often not taken seriously enough. Domestic violence is illegal and has harmful repercussions that can last a lifetime. Victims are faced with physical, psychological, and emotional problems for a lifetime after lengthy abuse in a domestic relationship. Many common misconceptions exist and seven will be pointed out here.

  1. Domestic Violence is not a Serious Problem

This misunderstanding is completely false. Violence in domestic situations is consistently on the rise and is always a serious issue. This is true throughout the world as much as it is in Canada. Get the help of a Vancouver domestic violence lawyer if you are in this situation.

  1. It Only Occurs in Poor Families

Though the reported rates of domestic violence are a bit higher for those with lower incomes, there is still a significant amount in middle and upper-income families. Low financial status and government housing may be a contributing factor but domestic violence occurs in all social classes.

  1. Alcohol and Drugs are Usually Involved

It is true that alcohol abuse and drug abuse can cause states of violence. However, substance abuse is not the only condition under which domestic violence occurs. For example, a man can be totally sober and still be violent to his wife and kids. Substance abuse is not the root cause of violence.

  1. It is an Anger Management Issue

There is never a reasonable excuse for violence within a family. Commonly, domestic violence is regarded as an anger management issue. To some extent this is true, but the issue usually goes far deeper than anger problems.

  1. Abusers Were Abused Growing Up

Abusive behavior does tend to spread within abusive families. Regardless, the abuser can come from any kind of family. He or she may or may not have grown up in an abusive family. It is more of a societal issue that results in abusive behavior. In fact, people who were abused growing up are more likely to avoid violence, especially if they have experienced violence themselves.

  1. Only Men are Abusive

While reports of domestic violence mostly involve men as the abusers, women can also be abusive. These situations are not reported as frequently, as it is believed that only a man can be abusive to a woman. Many cases of women being violent to men in domestic violence are not reported because men may feel ashamed or fear being blamed and charged with criminal behavior.

  1. Some Women Want to be Treated Harshly

There is a notion that many women are "asking for it". This is untrue as well. Abuse is unacceptable in any sense and it would be extremely uncommon for a woman to desire abuse from a man. This idea is absurd. There is a much more serious issue going on.

Learn more about domestic violence and seek legal assistance. Get out of an abusive relationship as quickly as you can. Help is available from government resources and private lawyers. Shelters and programs exist to help battered women in society.

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