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6 Things to do After a Construction Accident

Constructions workers are at a high risk of accidents due to the huge number of activities in going on at construction sites and the high number of people involved. This is why, despite employers following the OSHA guidelines and other safety measures, you still hear of accidents every day. If you are involved in a construction accident, or are a witness to it, knowing the actions to take immediately after the accident can save the life of the injured person. Taking action right away is essential to protect the injured person’s rights. This article highlights some of the things you should do after a construction accident.

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Get Medical Help

Even if you are not badly injured, you should seek medical help soon after the accident. When you seek medical help immediately, you can prevent the injuries from becoming worse. Also, some injuries may not be obvious until you are examined by a medical expert. Thus, don’t stay too long without going to the hospital. Additionally, when you seek medical help, the doctor helps in documenting the injuries sustained. Such documentation is helpful when seeking compensation for your injuries. When you go to the hospital, make sure you inform the doctor that the injuries were sustained from a construction accident.

Document the Incident

Another thing you should do after the accident is to document the incident. Try to recall how the accident happened and note everything down. Write down what you were doing, what led to the accident, any machinery or equipment that was in use, and any other information that relates to the scene of the accident.

Take Photos

If you can, take some photos of the scene of the accident as well as the injuries you sustained. You don’t need a good camera for this. You can use your phone’s camera. The photos will serve as evidence that you sustained injuries.

Get Witness Information

If there were some people around when the accident happened, ensure you get their details. Request them to give you their names and contacts and write the information down on a piece of paper or notebook.

Report the Incident

All accidents should be reported to your employer, manager or supervisor immediately. Ensure you give them comprehensive information on how the incident happened. And once everything is written down, get a copy of the report.

Contact a Lawyer

Finally, get in touch with a construction accident lawyer in your area. Construction accident cases can get complicated, especially when it comes to determining who was at fault. So many people can be at fault in a construction site, including contractors, the property owner, and equipment manufacturers. A construction accident lawyer NYC will review your case and advise you on the best action to take.

By working with a lawyer, you can get the right compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages and other any other damage brought about by the accident. Don’t sign any settlement offers before speaking to a construction accident attorney. And if your claim is denied, seek help from an attorney when making an appeal.

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