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5 Tips to Help You Survive a Divorce In California

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Relationships are difficult on their own, and ending them can be even more burdensome. This is never more true than in the case of a marriage, especially when there are children involved. Life throws us so many challenges, whether it be health problems, differences of opinion, or family politics, and all of these can put immense pressure on a relationship. 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic forced people to retreat into their homes under government-imposed lockdown orders. For those with relationship issues, this bought hidden divisions to the fore, and divorce rates spiked.

Navigating the complex legal processes involved in filing for divorce can seem pretty daunting to a novice. To complicate matters further, divorce law varies from one state to the next. For instance, the rules in Ohio will differ considerably from those in New York State. If you’ve made the tough decision to end your marriage and you or your spouse have been resident in the state of California for over six months, here are some tips to help you through this difficult process:

Avoid Arguments With Your Spouse

Understandably, divorce is a highly stressful process, and emotions will be running high. Although it might be easier said than done, avoid unnecessary arguments and fights with your spouse in the run-up to a divorce. Bear in mind that anything that you do say or do can potentially be used against you in a court of law. This also applies to emails, letters, and social media posts, so censor yourself.

Hire a Lawyer

When it comes to communication, it’s best to hire a good lawyer to do the hard work for you. When looking to file for divorce in California, you’ll want to find an attorney that has an intimate knowledge of local divorce law and has experience in the local courts. Each divorce case is different, and having the support of someone who tailors an argument to get you the best possible outcome is imperative. While it is possible to file a divorce case yourself, it is far less stressful if your lawyer handles it.

Take Care of Yourself

Going through a messy break-up and subsequent divorce can take its toll on your mental health. Furthermore, it can be a time-consuming process. Be sure to take care of your emotional as well as physical health during this challenging time. Exercise regularly and eat healthy meals. It is even worth giving new stress relief practices such as journaling or meditation a try. Reach out to family and friends if you need help with practical matters or even just for a little mental support.

Talk Your Children Through It

Things become even more complicated if you have children. To help them deal with the divorce, you should sit them down and communicate honestly to reassure them that the divorce is not at all their fault. Take the time to listen to any concerns they may have. If at all possible, try to include your ex-spouse in the conversation as well. Whatever you do, don’t involve the kids in any conflicts and avoid talking negatively about the other party in front of the children.

Figure Out Your Finances

Divorce also has the potential to take its toll financially, especially on women. Even though money isn’t the be-all and end-all in life, having enough of it to keep you going in the aftermath of a divorce will certainly make life easier. If divorce costs look like they’ll leave you in debt, try to find ways to cut back on non-essentials. 

Going through a divorce is by no means easy, but following these basic tips should help you get through the process and receive a favorable outcome. Understanding the local divorce law in California or hiring a legal specialist who has enough experience to assist you will be key to getting the settlement you deserve.

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