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5 Tips to Finding the Right Immigration Lawyer For You

If you have decided to immigrate to the United States for business, education, or just to get a fresh start in a new place, you are going to need to talk to someone who knows about the immigration process. You can talk to people who have already done it but ultimately, you would do better by seeking out an immigration lawyer.

You want this done right and not all law degrees are equal. Not just any lawyer will do, you should look for a specialist. Follow these 5 tips below to find the best immigration lawyer for you. This is a big decision and you deserve to have it done right.

Tip #1 – Quality First

There are lots of advertisements all over for immigration lawyers. Be careful to use more price as a factor when making your decision. Just like with so many other things, the cheapest one is usually not the best. Do some research and find a lawyer or law firm that is highly regarded in their field. Quality matters over cost, especially when it comes to the law.

That is not to say you can’t negotiate a good price, just make sure you start your negotiations with a lawyer you know, with no doubt, can do the job right the first time with the utmost respect and professionalism you are due.

Tip #2 – Experience

While you are researching your final selections, check their experience. Experience makes the difference between a lawyer who knows and understands the law and a lawyer who had repeatedly led person after person through the immigration process. The first one knows it intellectually, and the second knows it viscerally.

Tip #3 – Language

For a large number of immigrants to the United States, English is a second language. For some of these individuals, especially if English is relatively new, this may not be the preferred language in which to communicate about something with such nuance as immigration law. Try to find a lawyer who can communicate with you in your native language to ensure the most accurate comprehension of the process.

Tip #4 – Accessibility

Immigration lawyers tend to be very busy people. Find a lawyer who has a structured and organized method of communication. If you can organize your communication with appointments and a schedule, you can both make time to answer all questions and collect all relevant data. If you call your lawyer without an appointment, he or she might be able to quickly answer a question but it’s best if you have time. Alternatively, if your lawyer calls you out of the blue, you may not have time or access to the information they need.

Tip #5 – Cost

Before you begin any serious work with your lawyer, make sure you are clear on their price and payment structure. You want to know what to expect and have a clear way of settling the payment. Tell the lawyer what payment methods are available to you and how best to remit the payment.


With a decision this big, you want to make sure you are comfortable with the process. The lawyer you retain to help you through it should be professional, experienced, and clear on the process and the cost. Choose wisely by doing research, talking to people, and using the internet. Good luck to you and welcome to The United States of America!

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