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5 Reasons to Hire an Orlando Workers Comp Lawyer

When you get injured on the job, you may be comforted by the fact that your medical bills will be covered by worker’s compensation. However, worker’s compensation benefits may not be as easy to recover as you think. Worker’s compensation laws are complicated and filing a claim may be more stressful than you would expect it to be. There are five main reasons to hire a workers’ comp firm like The Lawrence Law Firm.

1.   Knowledge of the Law

A trained worker’s compensation attorney is likely to have a much greater knowledge of the laws in Florida than you would all by yourself. They will have a relationship with the courts and they will have the resources to thoroughly research your case. They will keep themselves apprised of any changes to the law.

2.   Knowledge of the Claims Process

An attorney will be very familiar with the claims process. They will know exactly what questions an insurance adjuster will ask and they will be experienced in filling out all the necessary paperwork to file a claim. They will have years of experience in negotiating with insurance companies.

3.   They Will Know Your Rights

A Florida worker’s compensation attorney will be well aware of the rights of a worker’s comp claimant. If your claim is denied an attorney can help you file an appeal. If your injuries left you unable to work, the insurance company is supposed to send you a wage chart once a month along with your payment. This chart should illustrate the percentage of your wages you are getting in disability. If they are not sending you this chart, an attorney can contact them on your behalf to make sure you are getting the documentation you need.

If you have a pre-existing condition an insurance company may try to use it to get out of paying it. An attorney will know what pre-existing conditions an insurance company may take into consideration when making you a settlement offer.

4. They Can Help Protect You Against Retaliation From Your Employer

Although it is illegal, some employers may try to fire you or reduce your pay or hours if you file a worker’s comp claim against them. If they know you are represented by an attorney, they may be less likely to retaliate. If they do retaliate against you, your lawyer may be able to represent you in a wrongful termination case or point you in the direction of a good employment attorney.

5. The Price is Right

Most worker’s compensation lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that you will only have to pay them a portion of your settlement if they can actually get money for you. You will not owe anything upfront and you can normally have an initial consultation with them for free.

Choosing an attorney. The attorney you select should be well versed in worker’s compensation law in Florida. Make sure to go on the Florida State Bar’s website to ensure that they are in good standing. Ask them about the size of their staff and how much time they will have to devote to your case.

Worker’s compensation claims are time-consuming and stressful. A good attorney can give you peace of mind and let you concentrate on your recovery.

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