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5 Major Causes of US Road Traffic Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Car accidents are incredibly common in the United States, with the vast majority of them being caused by human error. While most car accidents aren’t severe, there are thousands of lives lost each year in fatal car crashes.

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Whether you’ve recently passed your test, or you’re a fully fledged driver, it’s vital that you drive carefully and adhere to the rules of the road. To minimize your risk of being involved in a car crash, it can help to know the five major causes of accidents in the United States.

Distracted Driving

In the digital age we live in, many of us can’t go a day without our smartphone. While technology has brought lots of benefits to how we live our lives, using your cell phone behind the steering wheel can act as a distraction and hugely increase your risk of being involved in a car accident. Many people get distracted by technology and stop paying attention to what is in front of them. Whether it’s texting a friend or even applying makeup, distracted driving is the leading cause of car crashes in the United States.

Breaking the Speed Limit

Speeding is regarded as the second most common factor of car accidents in the US. Lots of drivers tend to ignore the speed limits, particularly when on highways. Even if you are in a rush and need to be somewhere quick, you should adhere to the speed limits. The faster you drive, the lower your reaction time will be. If you find yourself a victim of a car accident due to someone else speeding, there are car accident lawyers in Boise Idaho who can help.

Drunk Driving

Many of us love a glass of wine or a pint of beer after a stressful day. So, if you want to indulge, it’s important that you don’t get behind the steering wheel and leave your vehicle at home. Many people believe that one or two drinks won’t hurt. However, alcohol affects us all differently and can slow down your reaction time and cause a crash. If you do plan on driving, make sure that the effects of driving disappear before you get into your vehicle. The last thing you want is to be the cause of an accident due to drunk driving.

Reckless Driving

If you’re the type of driver who is always in a hurry and changes lanes too quickly, you may not realize the dangers you’re putting yourself, passengers, and other motorists in. Young drivers especially are labelled as reckless and careless, as they may want to show off to their friends. It pays to be more cautious on the road and slow down.

Driving in Severe Weather Conditions

Depending on where you live in the country, you may have to drive in severe weather conditions like a thunderstorm or hurricane. If you must drive, make sure that you pay extra attention and focus on the road ahead. If there is reduced visibility, this can make it harder to spot hazards. So, make sure that you use your full lights if there are no streetlights.

There are lots of benefits that you can gain from being a good driver. Not only will you reduce the risk of being in an accident, but you can earn lower car insurance rates. To help keep you safe on the road, make sure to avoid all the common causes of car accidents listed above.

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