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5 Common Car Accident Injuries a Lawyer Can Help You Get Compensation For

According to statistics, at least 1.3 million people die yearly from road traffic accidents, while over 20 million suffer from non-fatal injuries, although some incur a disability. That is why the UN General Assembly has a target of halving these numbers by 2030.

Such injuries cause significant economic challenges to the victims, their families, and the country. Such challenges arise in the form of treatment costs and lost productivity where the victim cannot work for themselves, and family members are forced to take time off school or work to care for them. Every victim needs a car accident lawyer to help them get the compensation they deserve.

Here are five common car injuries for which a Phoenix car accident attorney can help you get compensation.

1. Back and Spinal Cord Injuries

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, most car wrecks, motorcycle crashes, and truck accidents leave victims with spinal injuries. The severity of these injuries affects a person’s ability to move, work, or function in different areas of their body. Back injuries include damage to tendons, vertebrae, muscles, or disks between the vertebrae. Some injuries are strains from stretched or torn muscles or tendons, ruptured disks, sprains from torn ligaments, and fractured vertebrae. Injuries that damage the spinal cord require surgery. In addition, most of them cause paralysis in the area below where the spinal cord has been injured. If you get such injuries, a Phoenix car accident attorney can help you get enough compensation to cover treatment costs and other damages you suffered.

2. Fractures

Most injuries leave their victims with broken bones, which take a long time to recover, depending on the fracture type. You may get greenstick fractures, where the bone is only bent and cracked; stress fractures, where the tissue around an injured bone is overused; or open fractures, where the bone pierces the skin. These fractures require professional health care to heal completely and return to normal functioning. A Phoenix car accident lawyer helps you get compensation to cover treatment and lost wages.

3. Brain Injuries

In some accidents, brain injuries occur. They range from mild concussions to damage that causes permanent disability or death. If you hit any part of the car with great force in an accident, you can get a brain injury. These injuries take longer to recover from, and their treatment is costly. A Phoenix car accident attorney is your best shot at getting compensation to meet the treatment costs and cover other damages.

4. Neck Injuries

The impact of an accident can affect your neck muscles and tendons by overstretching them beyond normal motion range. So if you experience neck stiffness or pain after a car crash, you should visit a doctor for assessment. A car accident lawyer can help you file a claim and get damages.

5. Internal Injuries

Trauma from a car crash can cause a secondary impact that leads to internal injuries like abdominal injuries, punctured diaphragm, and more. These injuries cause internal bleeding and require emergency treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, and hospitalization. A car accident lawyer will help you receive enough compensation to cover the treatment costs and your lost livelihood, among other damages.


If you suffer from serious injury after an accident, you need to get a Phoenix car accident attorney to represent you when dealing with the other party’s insurance company. Insurance companies may try to deny or discount your claim. Some even get you to talk with an insurance adjuster who may use your words against you. You should not sign anything or state the other driver’s insurance company without a lawyer. Allow the lawyer to review your medical records to give you insight into what your injuries claim is worth.

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